Push Presents

Pregnant women tend to receive a lot of gifts.  From the baby showers to siblings and friends giving you their baby hand-me-downs, there is certainly no shortage of incoming loot.  Recently there has been a surge in what women like to call “Push Presents”, a gift for mom for being pregnant for 9 months and then giving birth.

Push Presents

My exposure to push presents has largely been contained to social media, i.e. Instagram, and after doing some research I have concluded that you are in one of three categories.

Push Present Awareness Hierarchy

  1. What the heck is a push present!?!
  2. Can’t wait for my push present/Love my push present!
  3. Rolling your eyes at the thought of a push present.

I will admit, for the longest time I have been in the “Rolling your eyes at the thought of a push present” category.  In my defense, my limited exposure to push presents has only manifested in the form of shiny new expensive cars, blingy jewelry, expensive bags…you get the picture.  Please don’t take me wrong, you deserve these things after carrying your little one for nine months and then enduring what I can only assume was a **mildly** painful delivery.  My issue with the push present stems from the exploitation of these gifts over social media platforms and even gabbing with your girlfriends over which husband bought the most expensive gift.

I was always under the impression the push present should be a sentimental gift to mark this momentous occasion, however, I digress.  There is no denying the fact there is a certain romanticism associated with a husband giving his wife a present to celebrate the arrival of their new addition.  Whether it is his way of saying “you’re amazing” or “thank you for our child”, a push present is the only thing during this life-changing occasion that is specifically for you.  It is not something for you that is meant to help you get through pregnancy, or something to help you with the baby after birth.

Just. For. You.

(Because you’re worth it…cue L’Oreal make-up commercial)

Looking at Push Presents Differently

Here is what I propose.  I would like to add another level to the Push Present Awareness Hierarchy, labeled #4 – see what I did there?

  1. What a great idea! Your first Mother’s Day present!

I am officially moving myself from #3 to #4!  Regardless of your push present, be it a new car or a simply beautiful necklace with your baby’s initials engraved on the back, if it makes you happy then it has served it’s purpose.  Pregnancy, birth, and motherhood are challenging and it is okay to accept a little recognition for the hard work you have done and continue to do for your growing family.

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