Myths Associated with Full Term Breastfeeding

As more data emerges regarding the health benefits associated with breast milk for both mothers and children alike, many mothers are making the choice to breastfeed. Full term or extended breastfeeding surpasses the one year marker and is becoming more common as research suggests the longer and more consistently a child receives breast milk the more prevalent the health benefits become.

There are many myths associated with full term breastfeeding: “When a child can ask for it, it’s time to stop. Breastfeeding during pregnancy can cause premature labor. Your milk supply cannot support your toddler and newborn. Once a child begins consuming solid foods they no longer need breast milk. You cannot breastfeed a child with teeth. Etc.” These statements are not rooted in fact, and can easily be refuted. Just remember outcomes are more favorable the longer your child is given breast milk. Breastfeeding during pregnancy is not a cause of preterm labor, and your body adjusts milk production with respect to expression. Breast milk provides immune support in conjunction with solid food consumption, and children with teeth can still be nursed.

Although full term breastfeeding is beneficial, it may become more difficult as your child ages. Many mothers struggle with nursing a distracted toddler, and women who are pregnant but still nursing may find breastfeeding especially uncomfortable. Double electric breast pumps are an excellent solution. They allow for quick expression with maximum comfort, and still provide your little one with all the benefits associated with full term breastfeeding! Many insurance policies provide coverage for an electric breast pump beyond the one time occurrence in conjunction with child delivery. In fact, several plans allow for coverage of one electric breast pump annually! Visit and submit your information through the “Qualify through Insurance” tab to see if you qualify for a double electric breast pump through your insurance carrier. An associate within the Aeroflow Healthcare organization will work with your insurance provider to understand the benefits allowed within the policy, and even check to see if breast pump supplies are covered. If your policy covers the supplies for a breast pump, Aeroflow will send you electronic reminders to see if you would like to order replacement supplies for your breast pump. If you elect to re-order, you simply respond to the message, and those supplies will be shipped to your front door. It is that easy!

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