All About the “MyMedela” Breastfeeding App

Most moms can probably agree that breastfeeding is tough. Breastfeeding while having to stay on top of diaper changes and keep track of when your newborn needs to eat is even tougher. And this is all while you are trying to recover from delivery! That is where the MyMedela breastfeeding app comes in handy. It is a gamechanger, ladies! Whether you exclusively pump, nurse, or a mixture of both, the MyMedela app caters to every mama’s needs. Currently, the MyMedela app is compatible with the Medela Sonata, which is their brand new smart pump.

The MyMedela mobile app

The MyMedela app can not only help you track when your little one last ate, but also how many ounces you pumped or how long you nursed. The pumping timer is awesome! Especially for those moms who are easily sidetracked while pumping. If you have introduced bottles, it can help you remember how many bottles baby has had for the day. The app will also keep a tally of how many wet and dirty diapers your little one has had. Since wet diapers are a sign that baby is staying hydrated and getting enough to eat, the diaper tally helps keep moms at ease.

That’s not all, either!

The MyMedela App will also keep a journal of your baby’s sleeping habits as well as their weight and height. The app is perfect for mamas who want to stay organized and don’t have time to keep up with the little things! A neat feature of the app is that every day, you will receive tips on breastfeeding and other educational bits to aid you on your breastfeeding journey. When baby isn’t latching properly or your supply is dwindling, it’s nice to get tips from breastfeeding professionals!

Because Medela knows how important it is to reveal a breastfeeding breakthrough, the app is designed to motivate you and assist you in achieving those goals that are important to you. Many women struggle with various issues when they come home from the hospital, so it’s vital to give yourself a pat on the back when you have even the slightest development on your breastfeeding journey.

Built-in encouragement for the busy mama

The Confidence Assessment on the app is also being raved about by new moms who have used the app. The assessment is meant to help you figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are when it comes to the ups and downs of breastfeeding. You can even personalize your app with cute pictures of your little ones. It is always fun when you can customize with pictures of babies, right?

Plus, the app is extremely easy to use which means you can put your hubby, partner, or another family member in charge of it. If you have more than one baby breastfeeding, no worries. The app is designed to maintain profiles for one or more babies!

Wondering where you can find the MyMedela app?

The app is available for download for free on both Apple and Android phones. Don't hesitate - download yours today to get started tracking your breastfeeding goals and achievements!

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