After helping mothers get their free double electric breast pump through insurance, one of the most common questions is “How do I clean this thing?” While many choose to use warm water and dish soap, which is perfectly fine, some of the major breast pump brands have done the hard work for you. One of the best-selling breast pump manufacturer, Medela, has created the Medela Cleaning kit to help keep your pump sanitary and always ready, especially for on-the-go mommies! Plus, they don’t require any messy soap and water. Medela is one of the best breast pump manufacturers and has continued to amaze with their Medela Cleaning Kit. The Medela Cleaning Kit includes:

  1. Quick Clean Micro-Steam Bags: The steam bags are perfect for keeping all of your breast pump accessories disinfected including breast shields, nipples, bottles, and even pacifiers.
  2. Quick Clean Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes: These wipes are awesome because they are odorless, bleach, and alcohol-free wipes. Not only can you use these wipes on your breast pump accessories, but they can also be used for other areas such as high chairs, cribs, and even shopping carts. Since the wipes are unscented you don't have to worry about that yucky alcohol smell that most other brands of wipes leave behind.

You can have the Medela Cleaning Kit for under $20! They also make great baby shower gifts too! Wondering where you can get that Medela breast pump to match your Medela Cleaning Kit? That's where the hard working team of Breastpump Specialists at Aeroflow Healthcare comes in. Under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans will cover the cost of breastfeeding support and supplies, including a double electric breast pump. You could easily be on your way to getting your very own Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter shipped right to your front door. To see if you qualify for a free breast pump, just fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form and leave the rest to our dedicated team of Breastpump Specialists.

You will have your very own Breastpump Specialist, who will contact your insurance for you and verify your insurance coverage and then give you a call to go over your breast pump options. The process is simple, quick, and free! If you have had your baby or need more immediate assistance, give us a call directly at (844) 867-9890. It is never too early to see if you qualify. We look forward to assisting you!

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