Medela's Back to Work Kit

The Medela Back to Work Kit includes disposable nursing pads, storage bags, and lanolin for only $20.99 and is a lifesaver for busy moms who need to pump frequently throughout the day! Learn more about what's included in the kit below.

Breast Milk Storage

You will need to be able to store your milk. Many company pumping rooms have designated refrigerators but you will still need bags (Medela Pump & Save Bags) or containers to keep your milk organized until you get home. Some breast pump packages, like the Medela Freestyle, will include coolers and extra milk storage, but a lot of packages do not.

Nursing Pads for Protection

You may also want to consider using nursing pads. Breast milk can leak into your bustier or nursing bra, and some might appear on your shirt, which is natural, but inconvenient. Nursing pads prevent the milk from getting into the material of your bra, which keeps you feeling fresh!

Don't Forget Lanolin

Lanolin is also a great accessory- the transition from breastfeeding to pumping and back to nursing may make your nipples a little irritated. Lanolin can really help, or you could try Medela’s Tender Care Hydrogel Pads. These awesome pads can slip right inside your nursing bra to soothe sore breasts and nipples.

Find out if Your Insurance Policy Covers a Breast Pump

Your breast pump itself may be covered at little to no cost to you through your health insurance company, thanks for the Affordable Care Act.

Complete the simple, three-step Qualify Through Insurance form and a Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance company, verify your coverage and network status, and then contact you within 3-5 business days with your options.

No insurance? No problem! Aeroflow has a wide variety of pumps at a great price on our online store. Feel free to call us with any concerns or questions at 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you!

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