There are many moms out there that still don’t know that their insurance will cover a free breast pump. Here at Aeroflow Breastpumps, we do everything we can to make sure you are getting the most coverage possible through your insurance. Typically, your insurance will cover parts of the breast pump that are “medically necessary” to pump. Insurance companies consider the following supplies medically necessary: the pump motor, a power source, two storage containers, tubing and flanges. This is kind of just the bare minimum of what you will need to pump... there are so many useful accessories that can make a mom's life so much easier. To help moms get the most out of their purchase, we have chosen the top three breast pump upgrade packages that take the prize for affordability and quality. These upgrades are the most popular because they come with all of the accessories and convenience items that moms love!

The Medela Freestyle


Upgrade breast pump optionsThe Medela Freestyle Deluxe Set is hands down the most luxurious upgrade pump on the market and it comes with the most accessories. With this pump, you are getting all of the necessary supplies to pump as well as extra storage containers, a cooler bag and ice pack, a coupon for a free bustier through Medela and a tote bag. The motor for this pump is a lot smaller and more compact that any of the other Medela pumps. It has a built-in rechargeable battery that you plug into the wall to charge, and then you will have three hours of battery life for on-the-go pumping. The Freestyle is so small and mobile that you can actually hook it on to your waistband to pump. Between the compact motor and the bustier you are entirely hands-free — you could literally be vacuuming and pumping at the same time! The Freestyle retails for $399.99, but with your insurance you can get a significant discount. Your insurance will cover the cost of the parts that are medically necessary and you only have to pay $175 out of pocket once you qualify for insurance benefits. This is a significant discount, and totally worth it to make your pumping experience so much easier.



The Medela Pump in Style with Tote/Backpack



This Medela Pump in Style with a backpack/tote is also a great option for moms that will be on-the-go. It has a different motor than the Freestyle and can either be plugged into the wall to operate or it can be used with the battery pack. It’s not as small as the Freestyle, but it works just as well. This pump package comes with everything the Freestyle comes with — except the hands-free bustier. This pump does require that you are holding the breast shields while pumping which can cause some inconvenience depending on when and where you are pumping. It retails for $299.99 and you can get it through your insurance while only paying $95 out of pocket. It’s a little more cost effective than the Freestyle and still a really great option for moms that are exclusively pumping.





The Spectra S1

spectra-s1-upgrade-1309360281-fsaSpectra is a very well known brand for many reasons. One major perk is that their pumps feature a "hospital strength" motor. This can be great for any mom, but especially those with multiples or who are having trouble breastfeeding. The strength of the motor can actually help you produce more milk and cut down on your pumping time. The Spectra S1 is billed to your insurance as a personal use pump (not a hospital grade pump) so there aren’t as many hoops to jump through to get it. It comes with all the necessary supplies to pump and it has a rechargeable battery built into the motor. You plug it in to charge it and then you have up to three hours of mobile pumping time. This pump retails for $299.99 and your cost through insurance is only $95 when you purchase with Aeroflow Breastpumps. If you have any concern about your milk supply, Spectra is the way to go.