Debunking Pregnancy Myths

Finding out you are pregnant usually brings about a mix of emotions such as excitement, nervousness, happiness, anxiety, and even fear.  Whether you are a first time mom or a veteran, it is hard to know what to expect during each pregnancy.  If you are a new mom, you have probably heard some crazy myths and stories about pregnancy.  The good news is, many of these myths are unwarranted and exaggerated.

Common pregnancy myths

Aeroflow Breastpumps is here to help you debunk some of those crazy pregnancy myths! Go ahead and grab that cup of coffee and read on.

  1. You might eat something that will hurt the baby. FALSE! Low chance you’re going to ingest anything that will actually harm the baby.  Obviously stay away from seafood, alcohol, uncooked meat, and unpasteurized cheese.  If you are a big sushi fan like we are, order sushi rolls with tempura or cooked salmon.
  2. Speaking of food, there is a pregnancy myth out there that by eating spicy foods, it will help induce labor. Not the case.  Don’t be afraid to add hot sauce to your favorite foods!
  3. Sadly but true, a lot of mothers have come to believe that they will not ever be able to shed the extra baby weight. It is very possible!  Breastfeeding and exercise helps. We suggest starting out with 30 minute walks and you can ever bring the baby along for an added push!
  4. One of our favorite pregnancy myths: You should eat for two….no, no, no! While it is okay to indulge in your cravings here and there (pickles and ice cream anyone?), you really should only be taking in an extra 300 calories a day.  Remember, your baby receives the nutrients from the food that you intake so maintain a healthy diet.
  5. No coffee.Thankfully this one is false! It is perfectly safe for mom and baby to have one cup of coffee per day; just don’t overdo it. And be sure to watch out for artificial sweeteners and creamers that can skyrocket your sugar intake.
  6. We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but cocoa butter is not an effective combat against stretch marks. Stretch marks are inevitable but lotions with Vitamin E can help to beautify your skin tone.  Plus, stretch marks are known to fade away after pregnancy so don’t get too down!
  7. Laying on your stomach can squish the baby. Not true. Sleeping on your stomach during the early stages of pregnancy won’t put your baby at harm. However, once your tummy starts to really grow, sleeping on your stomach will become more and more uncomfortable, and basically impossible.

Breast pumps & Qualifying through insurance

Another pregnancy myth we need to debunk is that mothers believe that because they are a stay at home mom or they plan to exclusively breastfeed, they will not need a breast pump. Trust the representatives at Aeroflow Breastpumps, when we tell you that you will end up needing a breast pump and it comes in handy most, if not ALL, of the time.

Debunking pregnancy myths

Need to run that occasional errand, hit the gym, have a date night with your hubby, or even a ladies’ night? That’s when a breast pump comes in handy.  A breast pump allows you to have an extra milk supply so that your partner or other caregiver can feed your baby when you’re not readily around to feed.  Plus, you could be eligible to receive it free one through insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act.

Want to find out if you qualify? Head on over to our Qualify Through Insurance form and leave the rest to Aeroflow Breastpumps. A dedicated Breastpump Specialist will verify your benefits and give you a call to discuss your coverage information and breast pump options. Give us a call today if you need immediate assistance at (844) 867-9890. We look forward to working with you!

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