Colitis, known as an “inflammatory bowel disease,” or IBD, is a diagnosis no man or woman wants to get. Many women of childbearing age worry that it will make for an even more difficult situation if they breastfeed.

What is Colitis?

Also an autoimmune disorder, colitis occurs when the digestive system is mistakenly attacked by the immune system. Colitis causes ulcers in the intestinal lining which leads to some pretty severe side effects including excruciating and painful cramps in the abdominal area, nutritional deficiencies, and uncomfortable digestive issues.

Will Breastfeeding Affect Colitis Symptoms?

The good news is that deciding to breastfeed is not known to have any negative effects on how the disease reacts. Many doctors recommend that mom stops breastfeeding while on medication — talking with your healthcare provider is always the best option.

There are safe drug therapies out there that can allow you to both breastfeed and keep the disease under control. Flares associated with colitis are common in new mothers, so it is important to take care of yourself amidst the new challenge of taking care of your newborn.

Keep Baby's Health a Priority

Remember that nothing promotes your baby’s healthy development more than breast milk as a primary feeding method. The vitamins and nutrients that breast milk offers far outweigh any other alternative to feeding your baby. Plus, breastfeeding is free, which sure beats the cost of formula!

Breastfeeding is a lot easier with an electric breast pump. Whether you exclusively pump or need to use your pump “here and there”, an electric breast pump allows you to store milk for later feedings and also allows your partner to feed baby, which creates that special bond.

Looking for a Breast Pump?

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