Are Sofia Richie’s “Pregnancy Must-Haves” Worth the Hype?

sofia richie pregnant

From the moment you find out you're pregnant - to the days following the birth of your little one - there are countless moments for new mamas to cherish - and opportunities to prepare for all that lies ahead.   

Many soon-to-be mamas turn to social media to discover the latest and greatest products to make their pregnancy journey as smooth sailing as possible. If you've been in these circles online lately, you may have heard all the buzz about Sofia Richie-Grainge's pregnancy must-haves.

Filmed casually from her closet, Sofia shares all of her favorite pregnancy essentials and top secrets that got her through as a first-time mama. Most of these recommendations aren't your typical “best pair of maternity jeans" or “keeping a pregnancy journal” kinds of tips, though you can't go wrong with those. Sofia covered everything from pillows to creams to some especially extravagant self-care items (we see you, mama). Needless to say, Sofia’s video took the internet by storm. 

Wondering if you should consider adding some of her recs to your list of must-haves? Let's find out if they live up to the hype. 

Sofia’s List of Pregnancy Must-Haves

Bumpology “Bump Butter” Ultra-Hydrating Body Cream

75% of pregnant women note stretch marks as their top physical concern when carrying their baby, with most reporting feeling embarrassed and self-conscious from having them.

Though stretch marks are super normal, they are not always welcome. And when you compound stretch marks with common pregnancy dry skin, most mamas seek relief in hydrating creams and lotions, sometimes known as "belly butter." 

Sofia swears by Bumpology’s “Bump Butter,” a shea and cocoa butter-based moisturizer that she uses to hydrate, repair dry skin, and combat stretch marks. Shea butter is known for its healing properties and its natural vitamins and antioxidants.

Our tip? Visit your local pharmacy or big box store and check out the range of creams and lotions that have a shea and cocoa butter blend in them. Try a few in your price range and find the one that works best for your skin!

Hatch Belly Oil

Sophia layers this Hatch Body Oil over the “Bump Butter” for an extra hydration boost. It includes a blend of calendula, sweet almond, and grapefruit oils to soothe and hydrate your skin. Yummy, right?

But any oil will do! If you find that your skin responds well to adding oil for hydration, there is no need to spend a bunch of money on the most expensive product on the market. 

We love this Medela Breast Massage Oil which is soothing and fast-absorbing (no more clothes sticking to your skin!). It blends ginger and avocado oil, which are two essential ingredients in anti-inflammation and skin nourishment. The best part? It’s less than one-third of the price of Sofia’s pick. A win-win!

Magnesium Glycinate Supplement

There is debate around the efficacy of magnesium on sleep and muscle recovery. Despite that, women everywhere are trying it out as they battle with pregnancy-induced insomnia. And it's understandable why. With more than 42% of pregnant women reporting insomnia by their third trimester, it is an issue that mamas struggle with. Most of them will do anything to help get a few extra hours (or even minutes) of shuteye a night.

While the debate continues and research grows, the efficacy of magnesium on sleep for anyone—pregnant or not—is inconclusive. There simply is not enough research to support it completely. But, it has been thought to influence melatonin levels in the body—the sleep hormone—and may help relax muscles.

Sofia claims that, since taking magnesium before bed, her sleep has never been better: “It knocks me out; I absolutely have to take it at night. It relaxes me, calms me, and I’ve seen the biggest improvements in my sleep once I started taking magnesium supplements.”

Because the scientific research continues into magnesium supplements and its benefit to pregnant moms, we recommend that you first talk to a medical professional to factor in any existing medical conditions, medications, or other issues that may impact your use of magnesium supplements. 

New Chapter Advanced Perfect Prenatal Multivitamin

During pregnancy, you need more of some vitamins and minerals than you might normally, especially folic acid, iron, and vitamin D, to name a few. Even if you're eating a balanced diet, it is incredibly important for all pregnant women to take a prenatal multivitamin to ensure they and their babies are getting everything they need to grow and develop properly!

Sofia shared that she is currently taking this New Chapter Prenatal Multivitamin. It claims to not only supply mom and baby with essential nutritional support, it also includes anti-nausea ingredients like ginger to soothe an unwanted upset stomach or morning sickness.

While we definitely encourage all moms to take a prenatal multivitamin, it is important for you to speak to your health care professional when deciding which one is right for you. Your health care provider may have a recommendation based on your specific health profile and concerns, or they may leave the choice up to you. Many pharmacies have a wide variety of options, so be sure to do your research and find the one best suited for your individual needs!

Ancient Minerals Magnesium Lotion

Hormone changes during pregnancy leave many women reporting skin dryness and cracking. Additionally, the rapid expansion of your skin to make room for your little one (or due to pregnancy swelling) can take a toll on some mamas.

As mentioned above, a rich cream or moisturizer is a lifesaver for many moms during their pregnancies. But the biggest problem areas aren’t always the stomach, hips, or thighs—the lips, feet, and hands can also become dry, cracked, and painful. 

Don’t worry mama. This is totally normal, even for a model! Sophia opted for this magnesium lotion, which she applies generously to the bottoms of her feet, puts on socks, and lets them soak to create an overnight DIY foot mask for a little TLC.

This pampering treatment can be accomplished with any moisturizer, especially one designed to replenish and nourish skin. This Lansinoh Lanolin Cream isn’t just for nipples—it's great for restoring the moisture barrier all over your body (and for half the price of Sofia’s pick!).

Plus, our mamas love it! Here are a couple testimonials: 

“I love this product because it does an amazing job as a barrier cream and at trapping moisture to keep the skin hydrated. I carry one on me at all times even though I’m no longer nursing.” — Mamatired502

“I first received this as a sample in the hospital after giving birth but have repurchased it on several occasions. I use it on dry skin on my hands and feet and have been happy with the results.” — Maryannsleasmanfagan

Summer Fridays Lip Butter Balm

To close out her dryness-fighting recs, Sophia shared her favorite lip butter balm. It has a lot of great moisturizing ingredients, similar to her creams and oils, that help fight off lip dryness, cracking, and flaking.

While this product comes in a variety of fun flavors and scents, fragrance can actually be an additional drying ingredient and cause more harm than good. Make sure when using any chapstick that you look out for irritating or drying ingredients that can make the problem worse, including phenol, menthol, or salicylic acid.

We always recommend the Medela Purelan Lanolin to mamas with chapped lips because it is 100% natural, baby-safe (don’t need to worry about introducing harmful ingredients when showering your little one with kisses!), and made from 100% medical-grade ingredients. It can also be used anywhere on the body (feet, nipples, elbows, and beyond) and is significantly more affordable for the average mama at one-fourth the price of Sofia’s pick.

Ross J. Barr Calm Patches

Sofia shared that she saw an acupuncturist in the early days of her pregnancy, Ross J. Barr, who recommended she try his calm patches. These claim to help people relax through the specially curated collection of herbs and essential oils infused into them. Sofia reports that these patches are “soothing” and help her unwind when she is trying to fall asleep.

Even though the FDA does not regulate the production of essential oils, they are generally regarded as safe for all populations when used as directed. Certain oils, when used for aromatherapy, can be very helpful for stress and anxiety by promoting relaxation. While we do not endorse the use of this particular product, we do not see any issues with a pregnant mama investing in an essential oil diffuser to create the same effect!

BBHugMe Pregnancy Pillow

Finding a comfortable position for sleeping, especially in those final weeks of pregnancy, can be a struggle. That growing baby bump can start to feel like an unwanted bedmate towards the end.

Sofia couldn’t say enough about her pregnancy pillow! She even called it her “new best friend and the third person in [her] marriage.” She uses it for support when sleeping to ease her pregnancy-related back pain and other aches and pains in that last trimester especially! 

Pregnancy pillows are great for expecting mothers! Many of the sleep positions recommended by the American Pregnancy Association require specific pillow placement that can be tricky to replicate with just one pillow. Pregnancy pillows create flexibility for a sleeping mama by conforming to her wants and can even be customized for firmness and support!

Good news: there are a wide range of pregnancy pillows available in stores and online in a variety of price ranges, styles, and colors. Find the one that fits your budget and has the features you want (adjustable firmness, removable and washable cover, etc.).

Noshinku Refillable Hand Sanitizer

Sofia put it best: “I’m trying my hardest not to get sick!”

We can get behind that message! We totally agree that washing your hands frequently and using hand sanitizer when a sink isn’t available is a great option for pregnant mothers (and, really, everyone).

While Sofia opted for the Nachinku Refillable Hand Sanitizer, any hand sanitizer will do! Look for one with at least 60% alcohol to make sure it is effectively killing germs and try to avoid homemade hand sanitizers, as they have been known to cause burns and skin irritation.

Tatcha Aburatorigami Japanese Blotting Papers

Sometimes dry skin can present as oily skin. A bit backward, right?! This is because the skin is responding to the sudden dryness by overproducing oils on your face in an attempt to rehydrate the skin, which just results in a bunch of unwanted oil collecting on your skin.

Sophia can relate! And she favors blotting papers to combat oil throughout her day, carrying them with her as she’s out and about to manage oil production. There is nothing harmful about oil blotting papers, and if you want to try them, they are totally safe when used as directed! There are plenty of options on the market, as well, so feel free to experiment and find your own favorite.

Lyma Face Laser

We’ll admit it: This face laser is pretty extravagant. Sophia uses it every night before bed and claims it has transformed her skin. While recent (and admittedly, small) research into the benefits of red light therapy for skin rejuvenation has been conducted, there is not enough information or evidence of its efficacy that we can, at this time, recommend for pregnant mamas. We want to be sure you are safe! At a price point of nearly $3,000, it’s wise to be more assured of the product’s safety.  

But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice self-care! Even a fun face mask or prenatal massage can be a more extravagant way to celebrate yourself and your changing body, without completely breaking the bank.


While Sofia Richie Grainge's "pregnancy must-haves" may be gaining attention and generating buzz, it's important to see them for what they are: recommendations. Approach this list with an open mind and consider your own preferences and needs.

The true must-haves for any pregnancy experience are the love, support, and understanding of those around you! Embrace the journey, listen to your body, and trust your instincts. Remember that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to pregnancy. So, while celebrity recommendations may be interesting to explore, don't forget to prioritize what feels right for you and your baby!

And congratulations on this incredible journey. May it be filled with joy, love, and beautiful memories!