Medela Organic Breast Massage Oil

The Medela Organic Breast Massage Oil provides a fast-absorbing, soothing and warming relief to sore breasts. This Oil offers a organic blend of ginger and avocado oil, which are essential ingredients to nourishing the skin and warming anti-inflammatory properties. 

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  • Warmth and massage is proven to trigger oxytocin, which helps mom's with natural let down reflex and supports optimal milk flow
  • Safe for baby
  • Certified organic and vegan
  • No additives, palm oil, parabens, GMO, fragrances or preservatives

How to Apply:

  • Wash hands prior to applying 
  • Apply a few drops into palm of your hand 
  • Gently massage breast in a circular movement 
  • Reapply if needed 
  • Please read all instructions prior to use 


  • 1 - 50ml Organic Massage Oil

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