As many mothers are learning, because of the Affordable Care Act, they are now able to get breast pumps through insurance at little to no cost to them. Though the extent of their coverage does vary depending on the company and the plan, the coverage of a breast pump is mandated by law. That being said, mothers may still be asking themselves, “What does my insurance cover?”  If you have Aetna Health Insurance, you can find out here what is covered and what sort of breastfeeding support you will receive.

AETNA coverage

As a quick side note, Aetna is highly rated according to the National Breastfeeding Centre. They received an A- and were the second highest rated insurance company for breastfeeding support! So if you have Aetna breast pump coverage, you may be in luck.

Those with Aetna should expect the following benefits:

  • Choice of manual/electric — If covered with Aetna, you are allowed a manual or standard electric pump for the duration of your breastfeeding experience, or a new pump once every three years.
  • Resupply — You are allowed to receive another set of breast pump supplies if you are pregnant before the time that you are eligible for a new pump.
  • Lactation Consultant — Aside from breast pump coverage, Aetna also offers lactation consultation. Many Aetna plans will cover up to six visits with a lactation consultant if you need support with breastfeeding.

Qualify through insurance to get started

Before getting your breast pump through Aetna, you will need to fill out our Qualify through Insurance form. It takes less than 3 minutes and will allow us to determine what sort of coverage is available to you and what the best breast pump options are for your specific plan. Your dedicated Breastpump Specialist will go through all the paperwork and phone calls, and let you know exactly what you qualify for. From there, your breast pump will be on the way to your doorstep!

Give Us A Call!

For more immediate assistance, you can give our team a call toll-free at 844-867-9890. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions that you may have and help you get your free breast pump through insurance. Give us a call today, we look forward to hearing from you!