Are you an expecting or new mom in the Sunshine State? Do you have Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS) medical insurance? If so, chances are you may need a breast pump and thanks to recent healthcare reform under the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans are required to provide breastfeeding supplies and support for free! However, it is completely dependent upon your specific BCBS Florida insurance plan.

Grandfathered plans

You will qualify for a free breast pump is if your plan follows the Affordable Care Act and is not considered “grandfathered.” A “grandfathered” insurance plan does not follow healthcare reform and consequently will not cover the cost of a breast pump. On the other hand, if your BCBS insurance does follow healthcare reform, then in most cases they will opt to cover the cost of a double electric breast pump.


Keep in mind that your insurance will require a prescription on file so be sure to get a hard copy of one at your next OB/GYN appointment. Too much on your mind to remember to get one at the doctor? Don’t worry! The Breast Pump Specialists at Aeroflow Breastpumps can handle it all for you. They can send a prescription request over to your doctor in a few quick seconds. Just be sure to have the doctor’s information handy.

While you can submit your request to see if you qualify for a free breast pump at any time during your pregnancy, BCBS Florida requires that you are close to your due date before the pump is shipped. However, your personal Breast Pump Specialist will be sure to go over all of those details with you once you have qualified.

Qualify through Insurance

It is important to keep in mind that while most insurance plans will cover the expense of an electric breast pump for lactating and expectant mothers, everyone’s insurance plan is different. For example, while two mothers may have BCBS Florida insurance, they may have different plans tailored to their specific needs. The quickest way to find out if your insurance plan does indeed cover a breast pump is to fill out the Qualify Through Insurance form. Your very own Breast Pump Specialist will verify your coverage and then give you a call to discuss your breast pump options.

You could be on your way to receiving a free Medela Pump In Style Advanced Starter or Spectra S2 at no cost. That’s right! And those are only a couple of the breast pump brands Aeroflow Breastpumps offers — they carry all major brands and will have the perfect pump for you and your new family.

Easy, free shipping

The process is super simple and doesn’t cost a dime out of pocket. There is no service charge and even better, no shipping charge for sending you the breast pump. Shipping is a courtesy so no need to worry about the usual online shipping fees. If you need more immediate assistance, please don’t hesitate to call their team directly at (844) 867-9890. A Breastpump Specialist will be happy to take your information over the phone and get you on your way to get your free breast pump delivered to your front door. Aeroflow Breastpumps looks forward to meeting your breast pumping needs today!