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Medela Pump

Creating a baby registry is an exhilarating journey, filled with the joy of selecting everything from adorable outfits to the coziest bassinet for your little one. It's heartwarming to see friends and family contribute to your baby's needs. Yet, sometimes, key items like a breast pump may remain unchecked on your list, which can be a bit of a worry.


Fear not! With Aeroflow's seamless support and your insurance plan, acquiring a top-notch breast pump is hassle-free and often at minimal or no cost to you. And here's even better news: we've added a renowned brand to our collection that's a favorite among both new and seasoned mothers—Medela.

Medela isn't just another name in the breastfeeding world; it's a pioneer famed for its groundbreaking 2-Phase Expression technology. With an extensive array of breastfeeding products and resources, Medela offers more than just equipment; it provides a comprehensive breastfeeding experience. However, navigating through their vast selection and the plethora of information available can be quite daunting.


To ease your journey, we've crafted an all-inclusive guide to Medela, highlighting their standout products and innovative technologies, and answering the most common questions. 


Dive into our guide to discover:

  • A diverse range of Medela products and accessories like the Medela Swing Maxi, Freestyle Flex, or Medela freestyle hands-free
  • The revolutionary Medela 2-Phase Expression Technology
  • Insights into the MyMedela Breastfeeding App
  • A detailed FAQ section, addressing queries about breast pumps, breastfeeding techniques, insurance coverage, and Medela's warranty

Meet Medela


Whether you’re looking for a manual or electric breast pump, hands-free breast pumps (wearable pumps), breastfeeding accessories, or more, Medela has you covered. Their popular Harmony Manual Pump is a hit with many breastfeeding moms, and their new Pump in Style with MaxFlow Double Electric Breast Pump leverages advanced pumping technology that is sure to make a splash. This set promises hospital performance and increased milk output—who doesn’t want that? 


What’s better, you can upgrade your Medela Pump in Style MaxFlow pump with a diverse range of accessories. From replacement tubing, breast shields (like their PersonalFit Flex Breast Shields), connectors, or the Medela Pumping Essentials Bundle, which includes an additional 25 milk storage bags and 6 milk collection and storage bottles. Is breastfeeding or pumping irritating your nipples? Try lanolin or Medela’s Tender Care Hydrogel Pads to soothe the affected area.

For further milk storage, consider the Medela Breast Milk Storage Bags. You can also consider the Medela Silicone Breast Milk Collector so no drop goes to waste. Medela’s Quick-Clean Micro-Steam Bags and Breast Pump and Accessory Wipes are also ideal for moms on the go looking to quickly and thoroughly sanitize everything from pacifiers to breast shields. And don’t forget a Medela battery pack (rechargeable) or car adapter (only compatible with the Medela Freestyle) for long road trips or pumping sessions in the car. 


Medela 2-Phase Expression Technology

One major factor behind Medela’s popularity is the brand’s research-based 2-phase expression technology that better mimics an infant’s natural suckling pattern, making it easier for mothers to express breast milk. The name and method are derived from extensive research that found newborns breastfeed in two phases:


  1. First, babies nurse rapidly yet gently to initiate the release of breast milk and to help it start expressing. This is known as the stimulation phase.
  2. Once the milk begins to flow, babies tend to nurse slower and deeper to express more milk faster.


The expression mode and stimulation modes are included in Medela’s pumps to express more milk easily, quickly, and comfortably. 


MyMedela Breastfeeding App

To better aid and support breastfeeding moms, Medela created the MyMedela app. Compatible with the new smart pump Medela Sonata, the app is available for both Apple and Android phones.

With the Medela Family mobile app, you can:


  • Track important aspects of your pregnancy journey, including but not limited to the duration, frequency, and intensity of your contractions.
  • Connect via Bluetooth to compatible Medela pumps to monitor and record your pumping stats.
  • Stay aware of how much milk you have pumped with your milk supply, how much you have left, and if you have milk that is soon to expire.
  • Get assistance if you have questions or technical difficulties.
  • Track your baby’s breastfeeding, sleep, bottle feeding, diaper changes, weight, height, and your own pumping habits.
  • Control your app with hands-free voice control and night mode features.
  • Gain access to a wide variety of parenting and educational materials via our knowledge center library.



How Do Manual Breast Pumps Work?

Manual pumps are an excellent option for traveling moms who might not have access to electricity when it’s time to pump. It’s also great for moms who don’t pump regularly. The Medela Harmony Manual Pump is a single-breast pump with a manually pumped level to extract milk. This differs from most electric breast pumps, which extract milk from both breasts simultaneously. Pumping sessions can last longer as a result. 


Once ready to extract, find a comfortable space, place the breast shield over your breast and centered over the nipple, and pump. Manually mimic the suckling pattern of a baby by pumping quickly at first, then slowing down. This pattern will encourage let-down and increase the amount of milk you extract. It may take a few minutes for the milk to flow, and you should switch breasts every five minutes. You may find that one breast produces more milk than the other. This is completely normal.


When you are done pumping, remove the breast shield, separate the bottle from the pump, and place a cap on it. Wash any parts that came into contact with your breast or with the milk in warm, soapy water and allow the pieces to air dry.


How Can I Store Breast Milk?

Breast milk can be left at room temperature for four to six hours. It can be stored in a cooler for up to 24 hours, in a refrigerator for up to three days, and in a freezer for three to six months. For additional information about storing and freezing breast milk, read our guide or check out our breast milk storage infographic.


What Is Tubing?

Tubing is attached to the motor or the connector and helps ensure the breast pump produces the best suction. The connector works with the breast shield to get the milk from the breast and into the bottle. The tubing must be handled with care. Tears and punctures in the tubing will impact the suction. It is also essential to regularly clean the tubing and replace it when necessary.


When Should I Clean the Tubing?

Medela recommends cleaning the tubing once a day if you pump multiple times a day or after each use if you only pump a couple of times a week. Clean the tubing with warm, soapy water or using the Medela Steam Bags

With the Medela Steam Bags, Just place the tubing in the bag with some water, put it in the microwave, and steam it. 


Another helpful cleaning tip: Once you finish your pumping session, let the motor run with the tubing still in place for a few minutes. This will help remove any remaining milk or residue from the open system.


How Often Should I Replace Medela Breast Pump Tubing?

Aeroflow offers a replacement parts for Medela breast pumps. The package includes two replacement tubes compatible with the original and advanced pumps. The 42-inch tubing is made from PVC and is BPA-free. It also has one soft end and one adapter end, making for an easy setup. 

Medela recommends replacing the tubing if punctures or damage occurs, as well as after long periods in storage to avoid moisture buildup.


How Can I Purchase a Breast Pump Through Insurance?


Recent reforms to the Affordable Care Act (ACA) have made it possible for thousands of moms to receive free breast pumps, along with breastfeeding counseling and lactation support under most insurance plans. But moms are busy, and figuring out insurance can be a long, frustrating, and challenging process. At Aeroflow, we want to take care of the hard work for you. 

In just three steps, fill out our free online Qualify Through Insurance form to see if your insurance will cover your breast pump. A breast pump Specialist will verify your insurance benefits and give you a call within a few days to confirm your order. Shipping is free, and if you need more information or immediate assistance, you can call us at (844) 867-9890. Additionally, HSA and FSA accounts can be used to pay the difference for upgrades, providing more options to enhance the pumping experience at a lower cost. 

Qualify Through Insurance

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Will Insurance Cover Accessories?

Insurance may help cover the cost of your breast pump supplies (motor, tubing, breast shields, milk storage bags, and storage containers), but it may not cover accessories like bags, totes, coolers, and battery packs. 


Medela Breast Pump Warranty

The Medela warranty is only valid if the pump is purchased through Medela or a trusted supplier, like us! Yes, if you get your pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps, the Medela warranty is valid.


The standard Medela breast pump warranty covers the motor for one year. Parts and accessories are covered for 90 days, and in the event of a product defect, Medela will repair or replace the breast pump free of charge.

Be sure to register your breast pump on Medela’s website as soon as you receive it. Medela’s customer service can be reached by phone at (800) 435-8316.


How Can I Troubleshoot My Pump?

You can resolve some issues on your own without using the warranty. Medela’s online troubleshooting tips might help with problems with the pump's suction and other similar issues. The site includes helpful videos and information. For larger issues, register your breast pump online as soon as you receive it to receive help through Medela’s customer service. 

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