Breast milk has been referred to many times as “liquid gold” or the “miracle food” so if you’re like me it’s somewhat traumatizing having to throw away breast milk. Out of everything I have pumped so far...10 weeks in...I have only been forced to throw away a total of about 8 ounces. Sounds like nothing to some people, but it really bothered me. Our bodies work hard to provide for our little ones so the less we have to throw away the better!

So what about working and traveling moms who want to advance or continue in their career but still want to continue to breastfeed? Shouldn’t there be an alternative to the “pump and dump” concept? Turns out, there is! It’s called Milk Expressed. This is a company that coordinates with traveling moms, their hotels and FedEx to forgo the hassle of freezing breast milk during long trips by having it shipped home to baby, daily.

Here’s how it works:
  1. Order online and share your travel details
  2. Shipping containers and packing materials are waiting for you at your destination
  3. Pack and drop off the previous days milk at the front desk of your hotel
  4. Fedex ships the milk back to your home and baby – even including tracking info
  5. Sounds expensive right? The cost for a kit to ship one day of breast milk is $165, with 2 days being $310.

    These kits include:
    • Medical-grade refrigerated shipping container(s)
    • Extra day of refrigeration in case of shipping challenges
    • Includes 5 breast milk storage bags holding up to 30 oz. of breast milk
    • Overnight FedEx or UPS delivery
    • Automatic Customer Service support in case of shipping challenges
    • Delivery alerts
    • Shipping fees included

    If this seems unattainable to you, remember that Milk Expressed also works with employers through corporate plans. How convenient would it be to have this service as a part of your benefits plan at work? That way, when your boss sends you across the country on a trip, it’s up to them to make sure and supplement your breastfeeding needs. Talk to your HR department or CEO to see if this is possible!

    Contact Info for Milk Expressed Personal Use:


    Contact Info for Milk Expressed Corporate Program:


    Toll Free: 888-372-5570

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