Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters

The Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters allow you to pump directly into any brand of milk storage bags. These adapters help you save time and simplify the pumping process. No more transferring from bottle to bag, simply clip the adapters to your milk storage bags to help make your pumping experience as seamless as possible. This hassle-free adapter uses a tight grip to secure milk storage bags without tearing or ripping.
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The Evenflo Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters are their perfect solution for moms who frequently store their breast milk in bags. Pump directly into the bag rather than pumping milk into a bottle first. During the pumping process, it’s easy to lose precious drops of pumped milk when transferring from a collection bottle to a storage bottle. That’s where Evenflo's Advanced Breast Milk Storage Bag Adapters come in.

These adaptors tightly grip any brand of milk storage bags as you pump. After pumping, simply remove the milk storage bag from the clips, seal the bag and store it in the refrigerator or freezer. Save time with this hassle-free milk storage solution.

  • Avoids milk spills that often happen when transferring from collection bottle to storage bag
  • Save time by simplifying the pumping process
  • Secure clips keep bags in place
  • Compatible with any style of milk storage bags
  • Compatible with most standard neck pumps
  • Hassle-free
  • BPA Free
  • 2 - Advanced Milk Storage Bag Adapters

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