Meet Christina – Preparing Her Toddler for Baby #2

Q: Did you explain breastfeeding and/or pumping to your child? If so, what kinds of questions did he have and how did you answer them?

When my Medela Freestyle Double Electric Hands-Free Breastpump arrived, my preschooler helped me open the package, as he does most packages that arrive at the door. I explained to him what it was for, and he seemed quite intrigued in the process of breastfeeding. I even demonstrated to him how the pump is used, putting together the equipment, placing the breast shield near my exposed breast, and turning on the machine. After that we decided to find my older pump, unpack it, and to sanitize both the old equipment and the new equipment.

While waiting for the pot of water to boil my son decided to explore the breast pump and its parts, discovering how each pump works and how the parts fit together. He was SO PROUD of himself when he successfully put the tubing, valves, shields, and bottles together, assembling the system – it was as if he had completed a puzzle! He wanted to see the process through and pretended to place the shields on my breasts through my shirt, and then turned the machine on.

We also had a few goofy moments after I explained why the machine would not work on him; moreover, he tried to extract milk from various body parts including his chin and his forehead! He was extremely disappointed when the water finally boiled and it was time to sanitize the parts - he could have probably explored the pump and its parts for hours! Although he didn’t have any specific questions about breastfeeding/pumping I’m sure they will arise after his brother is born.

Q: Do you have any plans to include your first child when breastfeeding with baby number 2?

I plan to include my first child in the breastfeeding process as much as he would like to be included. I don’t plan to cover up when nursing or pumping at home and would like to educate my preschooler about the process so that he feels involved in this huge aspect of his baby brother’s first year of life. He loves to help out, and I could see him preparing the breastpump for me, collecting and putting together the parts. I also think that my son will enjoy recognizing when his baby brother needs to be fed and will either assist me in the process of preparing for nursing (getting the Boppy Pillow, ect.) or by feeding his brother a bottle. It’s small things like this that will make my first born feel important and needed and will help him to emotionally connect to the baby.

Q: Which breast pump did you choose for your 2nd child and why? Is your second pump the same or different than your first?

I am so excited to try a different pump this time around. I already own the Medela In Style Advanced with Metro Bag and found the pump both effective and easy to use. Impressed with the quality of my existing pump I decided to purchase the Medela Freestyle Double Electric Hands-Free Breastpump. This pump was an upgrade option with the majority of the cost being covered by insurance. I opted for this pump because of the hands-free feature. One of the aspects of pumping that I disliked the most was being attached to the wall, limiting what I could get done while pumping. This pump will offer me options in terms of mobility.

Aeroflow Breastpumps: Do you have any advice for other mamas welcoming a 2nd baby into their home?

Having a second child can be scary, not knowing how, as mothers, we could possibly balance continuing to care for our first born while taking care of the needs of a baby, not to mention our own needs! I think that it is so important to remember that no mother is perfect. We all make mistakes, we all have regrets, and we all live to see another day! Embrace the journey that is motherhood, and remember that those stretch marks and sleepless nights may be stressful in the moment but are all SO worth it when your baby first smiles and giggles at you. Relax mama, you’ve got this!

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