Part 12: Distraction, Teething, and Moving Around


It is normal for your baby to be distracted during nursing sessions now that they’re attuned to the people, sights, and sounds around them. Their brains are growing quickly and they want to engage with their environment. This doesn’t mean that they are no longer interested in breastfeeding! It may require a little urging for your baby to focus enough to have a full feeding session.


Teething is in full swing at eight months and they are trying hard to cut those first teeth. You can continue to offer your baby-safe rubber rings and frozen teething toys. It doesn’t mean that you need to stop breastfeeding when you baby’s teeth break through the gums. Babies can nurse successfully well after they’re teeth have grown in and not all babies go through a biting phase! Talk to your lactation consultant about methods to prevent biting and avoid injuries.

Moving Around

Your baby may be trying to army crawl, shuffle, or scoot at this age and for the next few months. This may be another distraction keeping your baby from wanting to nurse. Try find a dark, quiet location to get nursing sessions in before letting your baby get distracted by things the room.

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