Just about any mom can tell you that with their first baby they went a little overboard in the preparedness department. New moms have this idea in their head that no matter where they go they have to be prepared for ANYTHING. I know this because I was one of those moms. To make things easier, here is a list of a few items that are total essentials in your diaper bag.

5 diaper bag essentials:

  • Diapers (Duh.) — Pack one for each hour.
  • Wipes — A backup supply is always a good idea.
  • Bottles — Whatever your baby is eating at the time.
  • A soothing mechanism. (Your baby’s favorite toy or a pacifier, etc.)
  • Change of clothes — In case of an accident, because trust me, there will be one.

When you have a new baby it’s all about trial and error — and I can tell you that I made a lot of errors. One of them included taking my two-month-old out with a stroller, a sling carrier, a diaper bag, my breast pump and my purse.

As it turned out I didn’t need a single one of those things for that entire hour and a half trip to the mall. Not a single nail needed clipping, his face did not need sun screening and as it turns out my two-month-old did not need me to read him the Velveteen Rabbit. A huge, overfilled diaper bag can be quite a hassle when you already have enough stuff to carry, you know, like your baby!

Don't forget to pack your wallet

Don’t forget your necessities when trying to pack everything that baby needs! You need your wallet, keys and phone at the very least. It’s helpful if you have a bag that can fit all your items and your baby’s things so that you’re not carrying more than one bag. Sarah Wells bags are perfect for toting everything that you and baby need for the day and the bags come in stylish patterns and styles like teal, classic leather and a chic black and white design.

Additionally, if you are going to be breast pumping on-the-go, the Medela breast pump shoulder bag will fit all of your breast pumping supplies, your diaper bag essentials, as well as your personal items. Sometimes it’s best to have a couple of different sized bags to fill depending on the length of the trip you’ll be taking.

Travel smart, pack lightly

Don’t wait until your second child is born to realize that you really just don’t need all that extra stuff. There are plenty of accidents and unexpected things that can happen when you’re out with your baby, but being over prepared will only stress you out and exhaust you more. With a child at any age, it’s always smart to travel as lightly as you possibly can while keeping the basic supplies on hand for whatever surprises life brings.

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