Evenflo Deluxe Advanced Breast Pump with Milk Storage Bags

Evenflo's Deluxe Advanced Double Electric is a frequent-use pump that's perfect for moms who plan on breast pumping several times a day. Whether at home or at work, the pump's fully customized setting options make every session as efficient and comfortable as possible.

Plus, you're also covered for a package of milk storage bags! These will be included in your breast pump shipment.

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When it comes to Evenflo breast pumps their #1 priority and focus is Protecting your Milk Supply! That is why the Evenflo Hospital Strength pump was designed with the support of a Lactation Consultant to include 4 essential features you always want to look for in a breast pump!

This innovative pump features a closed system design to help prevent milk from backing up into the tubing. It allows for multi-phase pumping, with independent speed and suction setting for ultimate control.



  • 1 - Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump
  • 2 - 30.5mm Flange Kits
  • 2 - 28mm Soft Flange Inserts
  • 2 - 24.5mm Soft Flange Inserts
  • 4 - 5 fl. oz. Milk Storage Bottles
  • 1 - Pump Shoulder Bag
  • 1 - Insulated Cooler Bag
  • 3 - Ice Packs
  • 1 - AC Adapter
  • Instructions for Use


  • Power Option: AC adapter/AA batteries
  • Suction Strength: 250 mmHg
  • Closed System: prevents milk from entering the tubing
  • Warranty: 3 Years on Motor, 90 Days on Parts
  • NEW Quiet Hush Motor allows for discreet pumping anywhere
  • Closed system design helps prevent milk back up in tubing and motor to keep parts clean, dry, and functioning properly
  • Multiple flange sizes are included for a comfortable, more gentle pumping experience, and also more milk. Additional sizes are available and sold separately.
  • Independent speed and suction controls mimic your baby’s nursing pattern and maximize your milk output.
  • Single or double pumping modes


  • Unique angled flanges with a slouch free design that helps eliminate back and shoulder aches
  • Controls are designed to help you have multiple milk releases (letdowns) and ensure you get the most milk out of each pumping session.
  • All Evenflo Feeding Advanced Breast Pumps have interchangeable parts to help simplify your pumping process.
  • Pump directly into your milk storage bags with the Advanced Breast Milk Storage Bag Adapters

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