Are you worried you haven’t established much of a milk supply, or that you aren’t keeping up with baby’s demands for feeding? A lot of mommies have the same concerns, and there are quite a few different solutions.

Determining if you have a low supply

First, you would need to determine whether your supply is really low or not. Your child is on his own schedule and doesn’t have to adhere to a strict 2 or 3 hour feeding schedule- if your child nurses often, or seems hungry soon after being fed you may want to consider increasing milk production. Also, if your child is having a growth spurt, or just isn’t sated, you should consider trying to increase milk production. A good way to start this out is simply to nurse more often. Your body responds to nursing frequency, and will increase more milk as the milk supply is depleted.

Foods to increase supply

You could also try certain foods to increase milk supply (a lot of them are listed here). Food items such as oats, veggies, and barley are commonly said to increase milk supply. Breast feeding burns a few hundred extra calories daily, so keep in mind you need to keep up with this to produce a sufficient milk supply. Chances are, if you are dropping a lot of weight due to breast feeding, your body is not getting the appropriate nutrition.

Power pumping

Another means of producing more milk or establishing a milk supply is called “power pumping”. Power pumping is where you pump your breast for an hour at a time (ten minutes in and ten minutes off). This mimics a growing baby, and signals your body to make more milk. More information on power pumping can be found here. If you’re going to power pump, you may want to look into utilizing a bustier (found here for a great price), or using a hands-free accessory set (as featured with the Medela Freestyle pump). Power pumping can be a little exhausting without a hands-free set or bustier, but is highly effective.

Consider a breast pump

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