The Lizzy breast pump bag

The Lizzy bag is noted for its style, quality and functionality. It is durable, lightweight, and easy-to-clean for any mom that is going to be on the go! The pockets are thermally-lined on both sides of the bag. This aids the breast pump, accessories, and breast milk. With ice packs, the Lizzy bag’s designs can keep the breast milk cold for up to 6 hours! The two photo pouches, incorporated into the bag remind you of their sweet face while pumping.

Perfect for on-the-go moms

What makes this bag great for busy moms is that size can be manipulated by snapping the sides down for a smaller pump purse or unsnap and use the cross-body strap for a large laptop bag and tote. This creates a new design that compatible for what you at any particular moment! The bag also includes an exterior zip pocket for keys, personal identification and phone, and an interior zip for everything else.

Compatible with many different pump styles

The performance nylon fabric allows for a dynamic fit that allows for almost all breast pumps to fit into the Lizzy Bag, perfectly! The bag is compatible with the Medela Pump in Style, Medela Freestyle, Hygeia, Spectra, and Ameda. These are major breast pump brands that are suitable for every mom. There is no doubt, with one of these pumps, you will be able to pump comfortably and organized in style.

The bag can be found at the Aeroflow Breastpumps, and moms can choose from two different palettes: gray or navy!

Still need a breast pump?

Aeroflow Breastpumps is here to help you get organized with breast pumping, but can also help get you your breast pump for free through your health insurance! Through Aeroflow, you can apply to find out if one is covered through your insurance at no cost to you! This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies.

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