A new app was created to provide locations to moms for breast pumping and breastfeeding locations right at your fingertips. The app is called Moms Pump Here. This online GPS tool helps moms find, rate and share the best breast pumping and feeding room locations. Mom, you no longer have to fear going out to run errands and lacking somewhere to nurse or pump!

Finding a quiet space becomes simple

Moms Pump Here launched in May 2016 for iOS. It is a designated GPS device that allows moms to pinpoint a location that will allow them to breast pump or feed their infant. When looking for a location, users can search the app and a list will pop up with nearby spaces. This is a great fixture for moms who travel or are on the go frequently. Even if you’re going back to work and your office does not provide a space, you are able to search for a close location! Many public areas provide a pumping and nursing station now, but many moms don't know they exist—or don't know how to find them. This app will provide an actual location and lists advice from other moms who have used the space before!

Leave comments, help fellow moms

Users are able to leave comments about their experience with the different locations provided. This helps moms quickly decide on the location that will be best for them and their baby. Moms pump here provides trustworthy advice through a community of users who are always looking for clean, safe spaces in their hometowns. Safety, privacy, and especially cleanliness is key, and the co-founders Kim Harrison and Priya Nembhard executed the idea extremely well!

The idea came about when Harrison was continuously having difficulty finding a space to pump. It can be frustrating when you need to pump and have no idea where a good place is or who to ask that would know of a decent place. Bathroom stalls can be cramped and not as private. Many corporate offices and public areas like malls, airports and larger venues now offer nursing stations. Even if spaces do not have a “designated area”, if a mom finds a quiet private area, she can request for the space to be added to the list for other moms to use in the future.

Breastpumps through insurance

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