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The truth is, I was always weary about manual breast pumps before I got my own. Why get a manual pump when you can get an electric version that does all of the work for you? However, my sister-in-law had mentioned how convenient and useful her Lansinoh manual breast pump was, so I decided to give it a try.

Manual pumps for busy moms

Since I’m always on the go, I wanted something suitable for my lifestyle that would be a good complement to my electric breast pump when I needed a more portable option. For just under $35, I didn’t feel like I was breaking the bank if I ended up not liking it — talk about affordable! Turns out, I absolutely love my manual breast pump and still use it to this day! If you’ve ever lugged around an electric breast pump, you know how heavy they can be. The Lansinoh manual breast pump is extremely lightweight and fits easily into my diaper bag. It’s compact and so much smaller than an electric breast pump. The Lansinoh manual pump was perfect to take everywhere because I didn’t have to pack up a bunch of parts. Not only is it effortless to carry around, it’s also extremely simplistic. You don’t have to assemble a bunch of parts, which is probably my favorite part of the Lansinoh manual breast pump. It’s so easy to use!

Quiet, portable, efficient

Besides being lightweight and portable, the Lansinoh hand pump is also incredibly quiet. When my little one first came home from the hospital, I dealt with postpartum anxiety. I absolutely hated being in a different room than her where I couldn’t keep an eye on her — even the Angel Care monitor that tracks her breathing didn’t give me relief. Using the manual breast pump allowed me to express milk near her without making any noise at all while she slept. I could also hand pump on one breast while I fed her on the other, which was a huge help! The pump is so quiet she wouldn’t even flinch while I would attach it.

Natural pumping experience

Believe it or not, I believe the Lansinoh manual breast pump feels more natural than my electric breast pump. I’ll admit that it definitely does not express milk as quickly as my electric breast pump, as it doesn’t use a motor, but it does feel a lot closer to my little girl’s actual suckling. It is also very comfortable. I tended to use it a lot in the beginning when the combination of nursing and using my electric breast pump had made my nipples too sore. You can control the suction and it doesn’t pull on the nipples as hard. As much I thought it would literally be a pain to use a hand pump, it has turned out to be pretty trouble-free (and this is coming from someone who barely works out!). I don’t have to break a single sweat, which is nice because having a new baby is pretty much one nonstop workout. This is true for the cleanup also — since there are barely any parts, there’s not much to clean up. Easy as pie!

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