When Should I Introduce Solid Foods to Baby?

Every child grows, learns, behaves, thinks and even eats differently. There is no perfect time to start introducing baby to solid foods or even weaning. You have probably heard all through your pregnancy that breast is best, so you may even be a little conflicted as to which first foods your baby should be introduced to.

When should I start feeding baby solid foods?

Typically, it is recommended to begin introducing solids to baby around 4 to 6 months of age if your baby is ready. Until then, there is no rush — breast milk provides all the necessary nutrition for him or her to grow and thrive! The child’s digestive system will not be ready for solid foods until this time frame, and the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends children be exclusively breastfed until six months of age.

Signs baby is ready for solids

There will be a few signs around 4-6 months letting you know that your child is ready to start on some solid foods:

  • Baby can sit up (with support) and can hold their head and neck up well.
  • Their birth weight has doubled.
  • Baby is interested in what you’re eating and may even try to grab food from your plate.
  • They can keep food in their mouth rather than letting it dribble out.
  • Baby shows signs of being hungry for more than they getting by clamoring for more when the bottle is empty or wanting to nurse more often.

This is also a prime timeframe for these foods to have minimal impact on allergies.

Which foods are best for baby?

Once you notice these signs and are ready to introduce baby to solids, you might wonder what foods to introduce them to first. A lot of moms recommend starting out with a good mix of mashed fruits and vegetables such as sweet potato, banana, blueberry mixtures, etc. You may want to try mixing a little cereal with baby’s breast milk to get them used to the heavier texture. In order to do this, you will need to bottle feed.

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