A lot of mommies need a breast pump for various reasons, and cannot always afford the sometimes high cost of purchasing a new one. This leads a few women to searching for used breast pumps - but this isn’t always a safe alternative.

Closed system breast pumps

Utilizing used breast pumps can be dangerous for you and for baby. Not all pumps are safe for multiple users; a closed system like with a hospital grade pump infers this kind of safety by not allowing mold spores or milk to seep back into tubing, however most pumps do not feature this system. Without a closed system pump, leftover milk or mold spores from milk could be in the tubing of the used machine.

Viruses can also be passed from one pump user to another and cause your child to become seriously ill. HIV, hepatitis, CMV and HTLV-1 can be passed from one mother and baby to another via used breast pumps. Also, if the previous user had cracked or bleeding nipples from breast feeding (which is extremely common), blood, pathogens, or even fungus from a fungal infection could be passed to you and your child through the used machine. Sterilization methods are unable to eliminate every pathogen or bacteria that can be present in the pump and accessories.

Ethical issues

Ethical issues also arise when considering purchasing or borrowing a pump from a friend, relative, or seller. You could be getting a faulty item, and wasting your money, or the pump may break while you are using it (the warranties generally only apply to the original owners, and are almost always only good for one year post purchase). The cost of replacing someone else’s pump and then acquiring your own is pretty steep.

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