Why New Breast Pump Parts Matter

Congratulations, Mama! You’ve picked the perfect breast pump. Way to confidently tackle that important decision. Once you start using your pump, you will need to regularly replace certain parts to continue breastfeeding successfully. But it can get a little confusing. What parts do I need to replace?  How often? So we’re here to introduce you to a program we call Resupply.

There are several reasons why replacing your breast pump parts is important. As some parts become stretched, torn, worn out, and more due to pumping milk and being sanitized repeatedly, they may lose suction strength. It can be easy to assume the issue is with your actual pump or milk supply, so always check your pump parts first. And over time, residue can build up in the crevices and tubing, leading to possible bacteria and mold build-up.

Some moms also like to have an extra set of breast pump parts on hand to make sure they never have an interruption to their breastfeeding schedule, or to take to work. Then way if something breaks you don’t have to rush out to the department store to see if they have the particular part you need or wait for a replacement part to arrive in the mail.

What Parts Need To Be Replaced, And How Often?

Your actual breast pump motor should last for up to a year, but be sure to check the warranty to see how long it’s covered.

The breast pump supplies or parts that should be replaced regularly include:

  • Duck Valves or Membranes - The membrane or little white flap on the valves are made of soft silicone and can stretch and lose elasticity over time. This can impact the suction power on your breast pump. If the membrane doesn’t lay flat on valves, it needs to be replaced, but keep in mind that sometimes these smaller parts won’t have any visible damage.

  • Flanges (Breastshields) - As you use your flanges overtime and regularly clean them, they may crack and tear, leading to a build-up of bacteria in the crevices that can’t be filled sterilized, even with a vigorous cleaning.

  • Tubing - The ends of your breast pump tubing may stretch or degrade over time, which could impact the suction strength. If the tubing slides on and off the pump motor and backflow protector easily, then it needs to be replaced. Also, if moisture gets inside of the tubing it will need to be replaced. There is no way to sterilize it and it needs to remain completely dry, otherwise, the moisture could damage the motor.

How often each of these parts need to be replaced depends on how frequently they’re used. As an exclusive breast pumper, pumping 9 or so times a day, your parts may wear out faster than a mom that only pumps 2 to 3 times per day.

A good rule of thumb is to replace these items at least every 90 days.*

Does Insurance Cover Breast Pump Replacement Parts?

Yes, most marketplace plans must provide breastfeeding equipment.

If you received your breast pump through Aeroflow Breastpumps, we will let you know if your insurance covers additional breast pump parts, in our additional ‘Resupply’ program. You’ll receive an email once you’re eligible. All Mamas can always go to our website to check out resupply kits available for purchase. Many are available either as individual pieces, or inconvenient kits that are clearly marked by pump brand.

Doing Forget To Clean Your Breast Pump In Between New Supplies

Of course, an important step that every Mama should take in between replacing her breast pump parts is to regularly clean her breast pump and supplies. The CDC has created guidelines to help you understand the best way to clean your pump and parts either by hand or in the dishwasher. We’ve even included a downloadable Breast Pump Cleaning Guide for easy reference.

*Check your breast pump manual for how often you should replace your parts. Insurance coverage may vary.


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