You’ve picked your perfect breast pump, congrats Mama! That’s an important decision, but did you know that regularly replacing certain breast pump parts will ensure you can continue to breastfeed successfully, and they might be covered by insurance!

Why do you need resupply?

How often you need to replace your supplies is dependent on a few things, but have no doubt that at one point or another, you will need to replace them.

  • For an open system breast pump, you may consider replacing your supplies a little more often to ensure that they remain sanitary and safe to use. If your pump is a closed system and remains dry between pump sessions, you shouldn’t notice any mold or bacteria growth within your pumping parts. Learn more about open and closed systems.
  • If sanitation is not the issue, you may notice that the quality of suction that you experience while using your breast pump may diminish over time. The soft parts of your pumping kit (tubing, diaphragms, valves, membranes, etc.) will wear down and need to be replaced.

How can Aeroflow Breastpumps Help?

Not only will Aeroflow Breastpumps verify your coverage, we will also check to see if you are covered for the additional supplies. If your insurance covers breast pump parts, you will be notified when you select your breast pump. We make the process so easy that as soon as you become eligible for supplies (which can vary by insurer), you will receive an email from your Breastpump Specialist. All you have to do is click the link in the email, confirm that we have the right information for you and your supplies will be on their way to you - completely free of charge!

And even if you do not qualify for free breast pump parts through insurance, resupply kits for all breast pumps we offer from Medela, Spectra, Lansinoh, Motif, and more can be found at