Pumping Pods

mamava podAs more and more mothers become aware of the healthy alternative of feeding their babies breast milk rather than formula, it’s no surprise that breast-feeding rates have risen over the past decade according to the Center for Disease Control. However, this logical insistence by mothers to breast-feed, raises the issue of privacy for moms who feed and pump on the go.

Now that support for breast-feeding is written into federal law, like providing insurance coverage for breast pumps and insisting that the workplace provide private spaces for feeding and pumping mothers, other initiatives are popping-up to support these moms.

Mamava Is Making It Happen

Burlington International Airport in South Burlington, VT recently introduced the first mother privacy pod this past August. The pop-up unit is called Mamava or Mama Goes in Spanish.  Co-founders Sascha Mayer and Christine Dodson created the Mamava pod in response to their own difficult experiences of trying to feed and pump in public.

The designers considered everything mothers might need in a private space for them and their baby. The pod is colorful and inviting, including a fold-down table made of Corian for easy cleaning and an electrical outlet for electric pumps.

These pods are also business- friendly an unobtrusive taking up only about 20 square feet. The pod in Burlington airport is sponsored by a local children’s clothing manufacturer at a cost of about $3,500. Plans for similarly designed Mamava units that can be used by businesses with intermittent, shorter-term needs are underway at a price of only $1,200 per pod.

For more information about Mamava pods, visit their website at www.mamava.com.  And if you would like more information on the provision in the Affordable Care Act related to breast pumps provided by insurance, visit our site or call (844)-867-9890.