Spectra is a relatively new brand in the world of breast pumps- not quite as well known as the Medela brand, but Spectra is definitely an innovative competitor. Spectra is owned and operated by nurses, lactation consultants, and mom’s, which gives the brand a great understanding as to what mommies or mommies-to-be expect of a breast pump, common issues they face, and what new ideas need to be brought to the table.

Spectra breast pump features

All Spectra breast pumps and accessories are BPA free, and the pumps themselves have backflow protection (which prevents mold from getting into and contaminating the tubing of your pump). This backflow protection allows Spectra to market their pumps as “hospital grade” (the FDA does not recognize the term “hospital grade pump”). This backflow protection, and the term “hospital grade”, simply implies that the breast pumps are safe for continuous use by multiple users, IE- mothers of NICU babies). This does not necessarily imply that the pumps will have a stronger suction, or be more durable.

Types of Spectra pumps

Spectra offers the S1, S2, and S9 as well as a line of “bling” pumps (which can only be purchased directly from the manufacturer). The S9 is a more compact and portable pump, where as the S1 and S2 are essentially the same- larger, meant for more frequent usage. The S2 does not come with the ability to be battery operated, and must be plugged into the wall for use; the S1 comes with a built-in rechargeable battery, and can either be plugged in or battery operated (which really affords mom a lot more mobility and choice as to where she pumps).

Qualify through Insurance for your Spectra pump

Paying for your breast pump out-of-pocket can end up being expensive; that is where Aeroflow Breastpumps comes in. We can help you qualify for your pump at little-to-no cost through insurance.

To find out if you qualify, you can simply submit your information through our Qualify Through Insurance form and our Breastpump Specialists will take care of the rest. Your dedicated Specialist will work directly with your insurance company and healthcare provider to verify your coverage and will contact you within 3-5 business days to discuss your pump options and shipment date.

If you have questions about Spectra breast pumps or how to qualify for your pump through insurance, give us a call today at 844-867-9890.