The great thing about the Evenflo breast pump is that it is an efficient and reliable breast pump with a lot of great features. Chances are, if you do have coverage for a pump, you will be able to receive an Evenflo at no cost to you! Evenflo offers manual, single electric and a double electric pump style to meet the needs of all moms.

Key Features of the Evenflo Double Electric Breast Pump

The Evenflo Advanced double electric breast pump is an awesome breast pump with a lot of great features that moms love. This pump features AdvancedControl technology that lets mom choose from 32 setting combinations for speed and suction. This means that you can truly customize your pumping sessions to meet your comfort level! Great features of the Evenflo Double Electric:

  • PerfectlyPure closed system design helps protect pump and milk from mold and bacteria growth
  • AdvancedControl for ultimate personalization with 32 independent speed and suction settings
  • AdvancedFit flange system includes 3 different sized for maximum comfort
  • PerfectPosition angled flange design for slouch-free pumping
  • Includes access to simply Breastfeeding and Breast Pumps and Briefcases educational programs

What's included with the pump?

Evenflo’s Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump is the perfect solution for all moms planning to frequently pump. Whether you are at home or work, the Advanced Double Electric Pump delivers all the premium features and benefits you need and deserve. With this pumping kit you will receive:

  • Advanced Double Electric Breast Pump Unit
  • (2) 30.5mm flange kits
  • (2) 24.5mm Soft Flange Inserts
  • (2) 28.0 Soft Flange Inserts
  • (2) 5 Fl. Oz. Milk Storage Bottles
  • Breastfeeding Guide Card
  • Instructions to access Simply Breastfeeding and Breast Pumps and Briefcases Programs
  • AC adapter
  • (2) Extra Valves and Membranes
  • Instructions for use

ACA Coverage of breast pumps

There are many moms out there that don’t know that they can receive a free breast pump through their health insurance. Because of the Affordable Care Act, breast pumps are a covered benefit. Most insurance providers will cover a breast pump at 100% with no cost to the member. There are some instances in which an insurance company will have lower coverage for the breast pump, which is rare but always worth checking. All you need to do to see if you are qualified for a breast pump is go to Aeroflow Breastpumps' Qualify Through Insurance form. Once you fill out the quick form, a representative will contact you about your coverage. If you would like to receive faster service you can call the breast pump department directly at 1-844-867-9890 to see if you are covered.

Don't forget accessories!

The Evenflo Cooler kit is a great accessory for on the go moms.One of the best things about getting an Evenflo Breast Pump is that the brand offers so many accessories. They have many different nipples that are sized to attach to your bottles for bottle feeding up to any age. Evenflo Milk Storage Adapters are a mom-favorite for their size and safe milk storage capabilities. They also carry a number of cleaning products for both your bottles and your pumping parts. The Evenflo Cooler Bag Accessory Kit is a great gift or addition to a breast pump purchase — its insulated cooler bag is perfect for keeping breast milk protected for long periods of time, and it can hold up to 6 milk storage bottles! Evenflo understands that your personal breastfeeding goals can be met with real life challenges. This is why they strive to enable every mom to breastfeed longer and provide healthy, natural nourishment for their babies at little or no cost to them.

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