Postpartum Essentials Bundle

This bundle includes three of our most popular classes for new mamas:

Ultimate Breastfeeding Prep  90 mins
Everything you need to know in one place to take the fear and guesswork out of your breastfeeding journey. From getting a comfortable latch to making enough milk to avoiding the pitfalls many mothers face, this class covers it all.


Pumping 101  90 mins
Pumping doesn’t have to be overwhelming! Let’s breakdown when to start pumping, how to assemble and clean your pump, how to pump effectively, and how to store milk safely. Learn valuable tips and tricks to save you time and energy.


Sleep for the Breasted Baby  90 mins
With a focus on weeks 0-8, this class delves into safe sleep, how long a healthy breastfed baby should sleep at night, why sleep gadgets are a waste of your money, and how to create lifelong great sleep habits for your whole family.

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This bundle features these classes:

  • Ultimate Breastfeeding Prep - 90min
  • Pumping 101 - 90min
  • Sleep for the Breastfed Baby - 90min

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