Aeroflow Breastpumps is a preferred provider for several United Healthcare plans. This means we are able to service people who have coverage with these policies, and more importantly, this means you are covered for a breast pump!

Commercial Plans

The commercial plans that are covered range from UHC Oxford, HSA Passport Connect, Compass Balanced, Choice/Choice Plus, Options PPO, Core, One (Golden Rule), Integrated Services, and UMR. We are also in-network with Navigate Plus if you live in Texas primarily. If you live outside of Texas, Aeroflow will call to verify your benefits for you.

Also, UMR is its own insurance company but does utilize the choice/choice plus network. With these policies, a prescription is not required to move forward with the order. Also, stated by United Healthcare, we are able to ship no more than 30 days prior to your due date.

Policies Requiring a Prescription

There are policies that require a prescription for the breast pump benefit: the Student Resource policies and Medicaid policies. For the Student Resource policies, an Aeroflow Breastpump Specialist will need to call to verify your benefit with this policy. Once the benefits are verified and you’re covered, Aeroflow will request the prescription from your doctor’s office. United Healthcare has a Medicaid policy, the Community Plan, that is provided in almost every state.

Once your insurance is verified as primary and active, Aeroflow will request the prescription from your doctor’s office. With these two policies, per United Healthcare regulations, Aeroflow is able to ship no more than 30 days prior to your due date!

Options for Mom and Baby

The breast pumps that are covered by these policies are extensive and provide a great variety for moms! There are several breast pumps to choose from that are covered at 100%. The Medela PNSA Starter Set, Ameda Purely Yours Ultra, Spectra S2, Tomy Quiet Expressions, NUK Expressive, Lansinoh Signature Pro, and the Evenflo Single Electric Breastpump are all great options.

All of the breast pumps come with warranties as well - The Tomy provides a 90-day warranty on the motor, and the other pumps provide a one year warranty for the motor. This is a great benefit for both mom and baby!

Upgrade your Pump

There are upgrade options available with Medela and Spectra. The Spectra S1 provides a rechargeable battery that allows up to three hours of battery-operated use. The Medela upgrades include battery packs, bags and cooler sets. These upgrades range in price from $95-$175.

Qualify for a New Breastpump

If you have a United Healthcare, Aeroflow is here to help! Through Aeroflow Breastpumps, you can apply to find out if one is covered through your insurance for free! This is all in thanks to the Affordable Care Act compliant insurance policies. Please fill out the quick Qualify Through Insurance form to see if you’re qualified for a breast pump covered at 100% and let us start working on your breast pump needs for you!