Many women planning to breastfeed find an electric breast pump to be an absolute necessity for accommodating busy lifestyles. Three top industry brands are Medela, Ameda and Hygeia. Each product line offers double electric breast pumps that most insurance policies will cover as a preventative service through Healthcare Reform. An electric breast pump is essential item for most women planning to return to the work force, and with the support of insurance companies they are now easier than ever to obtain! If you are in the market to purchase an electric breast pump here is some general background on the industry’s most popular brands:

Medela is an industry leader establishing notoriety for its 2-Phase Expression technology emulating an infant’s natural breastfeeding rhythm. The Stimulation Phase refers to a baby’s nursing pattern when first applied to the breast. This is a fast and light rhythm that stimulates milk production. The Expression Phase occurs after milk initiation and an infant’s nursing pattern is longer and deeper to produce a consistently faster stream of milk. Studies have proven Medela’s 2-Phase Expression technology to be highly efficient in milk expression with outcomes representing more expressed milk in less time. Medela also uniquely offers the Freestyle breast pump, a highly sought after hands free breast pump kit that includes a digital display with the capability to store previous pumping settings.

Ameda focuses on customizable suction and speed settings to replicate baby’s nursing rhythm. This product line operates with a closed system to reduce the exposure of breast milk to contaminants. A closed system functions without the tubing and motor receiving exposure to breast milk. A closed system such as that offered by Ameda also reduces breast milk exposure to environmental debris such as dust and pet dander, and therefore maintains a high integrity of breast milk quality.

Hygeia also operates with a closed system to include BPA and DEHP free materials. It is FDA approved as a multi-user pump, and allows for double and single pumping capabilities. The LBI model provides the option of recording your infant’s voice for play back during pumping sessions.

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