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How to Recover from a C-Section

Here's what you can expect following a cesarean section; including 5 tips for speeding up the recovery process and some guidelines for how to best take care of your body.

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Episiotomy Care

An episiotomy can be very painful. Learn how to care for your body in the weeks after childbirth.

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Challenges of New Motherhood and Postpartum Depression

There is nothing easy about having a newborn baby! Being a new mom is hard, no matter how “easy” others around you (or those you might see on the internet) make it look.

Here are some reasons that new motherhood can be so challenging. 

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Recovery After Birth From Day One

Whether you’ve just experienced a cesarean or a vaginal delivery, there is a lot to consider as you settle into your own postpartum care and recovery. There is so much to learn about your new baby and your postpartum body, and it can be hard to know who to ask or where to turn for accurate information and advice. Here’s what you can do to stay comfortable and kick-start the healing process, right from day one. 

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8 Ways to Treat Postpartum Edema

Postpartum edema, or postpartum swelling, is caused by an excess amount of fluid remaining in the body tissue after childbirth. 

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Postpartum Recovery : Healing for Both Vaginal and C-Section Moms!

Congratulations! You’ve been through 9 (or so) months of pregnancy, hours of childbirth and you’re finally a mom! The time period directly after giving birth is called the postpartum period, and there are a lot of changes, emotions, and symptoms you will experience through this transition.

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