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Why New Breast Pump Parts Matter

Congratulations, Mama! You’ve picked the perfect breast pump. Way to confidently tackle that important decision. Once you start using your pump, you will need to regularly replace certain parts to continue breastfeeding successfully. But it can get a little confusing. What parts do I need to replace? How often? So we’re here to introduce you to a program we call Resupply.

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5 Must-Have Lansinoh Accessories for New Moms

New mom Alli just began her own breastfeeding journey with her daughter Harper. Follow her story for helpful tips, awesome product reviews and a look into the life of a new mama — coming to the Aeroflow Breastpumps blog each week!

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What Medela Accessories Will I Need?

After just a few pumping sessions with their new Medela pump, many moms will discover the need for Medela accessories that can save bundles of time and headache. The Aeroflow Mom and Baby online store has several breast pump accessories from Medela aimed to make pumping easier, and we’ve outlined some of the must-haves here:

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