What Can Dad Do?

I am sure when it comes to feeding time for a breastfeeding mother, dads sometimes wonder where he fits in.  There are several things a dad can do to become a part of feeding time, both when mom is breast feeding and when she is pumping.

When you first arrive home from the hospital with your new baby, life can feel a bit overwhelming (or at least it did for me).  My husband and I sat on our couch staring at our little man, wondering what to do next.  He was totally dependent on us, and we were amateurs.  Luckily for us, we were able to get into a feeding routine that helped us navigate our new world of parenting.  Our son did not have any issues latching, so we got the breast feeding part down pretty quickly.  My husband was amazing. When our little guy would wake up to feed, he would grab him from his crib and change his diaper as I was preparing to breast feed.  This routine alone was such a great help.  But where beyond diaper changing did dad fit into this whole routine?  We found ways to make him a part.  Dad would burp the baby as we switched breast and sit and talk with us as our son nursed.

Benefits Both Parents

I had not purchased my breast pump before I had my son, but to new mothers, I would recommend getting ahead of time if possible; start the process so you can do all the research, reading and figuring out your pump before your baby arrives.  When we purchased our breast pump, we found many positive ways breast pumps also help the dad.  As I began pumping, my husband was able to experience that special feeding time with our son.  That special time sitting and feeding your baby cannot be replaced and my husband was able to share that experience with me.  When I went back to work, we also worked as a team each night to clean the pump and parts and prepare bottles for our son’s next day at daycare.

There are many positive ways breast pumps can help both dad and mom.  In my house, it allowed both my husband and me special bonding time with our son, made us a stronger team and allowed us to share the feeding responsibilities. Aeroflow Healthcare wants to help your family share in these same experiences, so visit our site or call to get started today!