Bringing In The New Year

As we move into 2014, the Affordable Care Act will be in full swing.  One provision of the new law that is a great benefit to new moms is the inclusion of breastfeeding supplies, support, and counseling.  As a mother myself, I read this provision and discovered what a huge savings this will be to new mothers, often at a time when other medical expenses may be piling up.

We Can Help!

If you have ever been in the market for a quality breast pump, you may have noticed that they can cost upwards of $300.  Not only that, the maze of insurance rules and regulations can be daunting. So I did some research in order to help new moms figure out how to take advantage of the breastfeeding benefits.

First, let’s look at plans that are grandfathered in, or effective before the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.  These plans may or may not cover breast pumps because they are not required to follow the new law.  If this is what you face, don’t despair; call your insurance provider and specifically ask about breast pumps to see if there is a benefit for coverage.  Another note for new moms is that the Affordable Care Act does not specify between rental or purchase, or manual or personal double-electric pumps.  Each of these pumps has a different billing code and your insurance provider determines which pump they choose to cover under the Affordable Care Act.  The new law does not cover breast pumps for Medicaid since this coverage varies state by state.

Once you have determined whether your breast pump is covered by your insurance, you will then need to find a supplier who accepts your insurance and can provide your breast pump.  Most insurance companies require you receive your breast pump from a durable medical equipment supplier like  Aeroflow Healthcare which carries quality breast pumps from Medela, Hygeia, Ameda and Bailey Nurture.

Let The Specialists Handle It

News for breastpumps and insurance in 2014 can be challenging to navigate.  The team at Aeroflow Healthcare is dedicated to assisting expectant and new mother with the challenges of the Affordable Care Act in regards to breast pumps.  Visit to complete the on-line form and research breast pumps.  A representative will verify your insurance benefits and determine coverage.  The team will help you choose the best breast pump to fit your needs and even file the insurance claim on your behalf.  The breast pump specialists at Aeroflow Healthcare are here to assist with your breast pump needs in 2014 and years to come.