Technological advancements in breast pumps have certainly came a long way making the commitment to breastfeed a reality for busy working mothers.  Now Medela has taken it a step further with the production of the Easy Expressions Bustier!  The Medela Easy Expressions Bustier is a mechanism created to enhance breast pumping by allowing hands free capability while expressing breast milk.  This bustier is worn over the breasts kind of like a bra, securing breast milk collection containers in the proper position while pumping.  The bustier made of a cotton/elastane blend is designed to be machine washable and easily fits over a nursing bra or camisole. Working mothers find this product especially appealing as the hands free option allows for minimal disruption of daily tasks when pumping is necessary.  Activities such as typing, writing, etc. are now easily managed while pumping.  The hands free accessory kit is available in sizes ranging from small to extra-large which correlates to bandwidths of 34 to 42 and cups A through H.  The product can be purchased in white or black.  The Easy Expressions Bustier is included in the Medela Freestyle breast pump kit to offer additional mobility for the Freestyle option.  However, the bustier can be purchased separately to deliver hands free capability to the advanced pump in style product as well.

If you already have a breast pump and would like the convenience of hands free mobility, visit to purchase the Medela Easy Expressions Bustier from the online store.  The product costs around $34.00.  However, Aeroflow conveniently offers promotions displayed on the product page for added savings.  The easy to read sizing chart included on the product page takes the guess work out of it selecting the right fit for you.  If you are interested in seeing if your insurance will cover the cost of a breast pump, check out and submit your information via the “Qualify through Insurance” tab.  Specific plan benefits are unique to each policy.  Some policies allow for two breast pumps per benefit term.  So even if you’ve already received a breast pump through insurance you may still have additional coverage available.  Let the professionals at Aeroflow Healthcare do the work for you.  Submit your information today, and a Breast Pump Specialist will communicate with your insurance carrier and contact you within five business days to discuss your options.  You can trust the Breast Pump Specialist team to deliver industry expertise to you.  No one knows breast pumps  better than the professionals at Aeroflow Healthcare!