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medela breastpump insurance lookup tool

On the Medela website, the new supplier lookup feature allows shoppers to find an insurance-covered Medela breast pump by simply selecting their insurance provider and location.  We are happy to announce that Aeroflow Healthcare is a proud partner of many major insurances and excited to be a part of this great resource for moms.

This lookup tool is offered in response to coverage for breastfeeding supplies and support provided by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). Medela launched the supplier lookup so that moms have an easy way to access information on whether their insurance will provide them with a Medela breast pump.

"Medela is continuously updating information on our website to provide moms the most current information they'll need to navigate the changes under ACA and how to find insurance-covered breast pumps," says Carolin Archibald, president of Medela, Inc.

medela breastpump insurance lookup tool

Shop For Medela With Aeroflow

Aeroflow Healthcare offers the Medela Pump In Style double electric breastpump. Moms simply complete the online form so our staff can verify insurance, collect the prescription and other necessary paperwork from the doctor and inform mom of her coverage.

See if you qualify through insurance today or look us up on Medela’s insurance tool!