Breastpumps are a great addition for any breastfeeding mother, especially if she can expect separation from her infant when returning to work. There are many variations of breastpumps on the market, including manual and electric options. With so many options available it can get confusing which breastpump is right for you. Let’s break down the pros and cons for manual versus electric breastpumps.

How often do you plan to pump?

Manual breastpumps are typically appealing to mothers who intend to breastfeed very infrequently. These pumps are compact and fit easily inside a diaper bag or purse, low maintenance, as well as inexpensive. However, these types of breastpumps are not as effective in overall milk expression. An electric breastpump is ideal for a mother who plans on pumping regularly. Milk expression is far more effective with an electric breastpump and far less time consuming.

Technological Advancements

Double electric breastpumps allow for milk expression from both breasts at the same time. Technological advancements have granted mobility to electric breastpumps through battery powered options, and the Medela Freestyle includes a hands free breastpumping option for additional versatility! Manual breastpumps on the other hand are quite labor intensive, requiring constant hand pumping for milk expression.


The ongoing maintenance of an electric breastpump is more involved than a manual where sanitation is concern.   Although, microwavable steam bags and wipes are excellent compensations for making this a nonissue regarding electric breastpumps.


Electric breastpumps are far more advanced than manual pumps and therefore more expensive, but now most insurance plans offer coverage for an electric breastpump as part of preventative service benefits, meaning no out of pocket cost to you when you qualify through insurance!

Aeroflow Breastpumps can help!

We hope these pros and cons for manual versus electric breastpumps has helped clear up any questions you may have had. Aeroflow Breastpumps offers an array of industry leading double electric breastpumps and qualifying through insurance is a breeze! Simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form and our dedicated team of Breastpumps Specialists will work to obtain your specific plan benefits through your insurance carrier to see if you qualify for a double electric breastpump. For immediate assistance please call 844-867-9890. We look forward to hearing from you!