Borrowing breast pumps

Since breast pumps can be a pretty expensive item on the baby registry, many women wonder whether or not they can just borrow a breast pump from a friend or buy a used breast pump online. The answer we tell most women is it is not a good idea to borrow a used personal grade breast pump.

Why a used pump is dangerous

Many breast pumps have “open systems” in which the motor can become contaminated with the mother’s milk which also means the potential for bacteria and viruses to get into the tubing making your baby sick. Aside from the obvious hygienic issues around using a used breast pump, there is also a chance that the pump breaks. It is important to keep in mind that while these breast pump brands have manufacturer warranties on them, they will not apply once another mother has used the pump.

Get a brand new pump — for free!

The good news is that most insurance plans will provide a brand new double electric breast pump for free! Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans will cover a free double electric breast pump for nursing mothers. That means no worrying about how you are going to get a breast pump!

Whether you choose to exclusively pump, nurse, or just need a breast pump to help maintain an extra supply of milk in the fridge, Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you get your breast pump shipped right to your front door at little-to-no cost to you and your family.

Choose from top breast pump brands

We carry all major breast pump brands including Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Hygeia, Lansinoh, Nuk, and Tomy.  Let us be your one-stop-shop for all of your breast pumping needs. If you are ready to join the thousands of mothers around the country that we have been able to help, then all you have to do is head on over to our Qualify Through Insurance form and leave the rest to us. 

Your dedicated Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance company and check your benefits for breastfeeding supplies, and then follow up with your coverage information in just a couple of short days. If you have already had your baby or would like more immediate assistance, we can be reached at (844) 867-9890. We look forward to assisting you!

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