How Can BPA Harm My Baby?

The long-term effects of exposure to Bisphenol A or BPA are unknown, so choosing a breast pump that uses plastic free of this chemical can be important for a baby’s future.

BPA is a chemical known to be an endocrine disruptor. Because hormones affect the development and function of nearly every other body system, BPA’s disruption of natural hormonal balance can be devastating to overall health. The body is particularly vulnerable during prenatal and postnatal periods. Similar to feeding your baby a poor diet, exposure to a carcinogenic chemical like BPA has a lasting effect on developing organs.

Aeroflow Offers BPA Free Pumps

Aeroflow offers breast pumps by Medela and Hygeia, both are guaranteed to be BPA free. What this means is that all pieces of the breast pump that come in contact with milk to not contain the BPA chemical. If you are going to commit to purchasing a breast pump, it is important to ensure that all parts of the pump do not contain BPA as some varieties only have a BPA-free bottle.

BPA free breast pumps are safer to sanitize due to the fact that the plastic is not being preserved by such chemicals. Typically, the temperature required to ensure proper cleanliness causes the plastic to release BPA chemicals. With a BPA free model, this is not a concern.

If you are interested in Aeroflow’s BPA-free breast pumps by Medela and Hygeia, contact our Specialty Item department today.