Bonding with a baby is perhaps the most meaningful and precious moments in any life. Babies are born ready and eager to bond, but you may be wondering how to best facilitate the bonding process between your new little one and your family members. Feeding is one way babies commonly bond, and when you use a breast pump , your loved ones can also enjoy that bond through bottle feeding.

Skin to skin bonding with baby

Shedding your shirt may seem a little odd at first, but can be a great way to enhance the bonding experience of bottle feeding. Skin to skin contact is a great way to soothe baby, and boosts levels of oxytocin (referred to as the “love hormone”, this chemical is produced by the human body and plays a major role in bonding!). Shedding the shirt and implementing skin to skin contact can let Dad enjoy the bond through bottle feeding, in a fashion similar to mom while she breastfeeds.

Bonding during bottle feedings

Stay focused when bottle feeding the baby to create the best bonding experience. Lots of eye contact, snuggling, and sweet words can really make the most of the bottle-bonding time for family members. Bonding is essential for a baby, and the more people in your support system that bond with your child, the better. Studies show that babies who bond well grow to be more socialized; the same studies show that babies who lack bonding experiences are more likely to suffer from feelings of despair.

Use a breast pump to build your milk supply

Breast pumps can be very expensive if you plan to pump and bottle feed or pump and allow others to bottle feed. With the Affordable Care Act, however, your pump may be covered at little to no cost as a preventative service. You can find out if your health insurance policy is compliant by completing the following simple, three-step Qualify Through Insurance form. Your dedicated Breastpump Specialist will contact your insurance, verify your coverage, and then call you with your options (all within 3-5 business days!).

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