Ameda Mya Double Electric Breast Pump (Resupply)

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  • Mya Breast Pump
  • AC Power Adapter (12V)
  • Dual Milk Collection System: 24.0mm Flanges (2), Valves (2), Tubing (2), Diaphragms (2), 5oz Wide Neck Bottle (2), Locking Cap and Ring (2)
  • Instructions for Use


  • Power Option: AC adapter/Internal rechargeable battery
  • Suction Strength: 280 mmHg
  • Closed System: prevents milk from entering the tubing
  • Warranty: 2-years on pump motor, 90 days on parts
  • Double or single electric pumping options
  • Internal rechargeable battery for two hours of use on full power with each charge
  • 2-phase adjustable suction modes: 10 levels of expression mode, 5 levels of massage/stimulation mode
  • Timer tracks pumping time
  • Automatically powers down after 30 minutes to save battery
  • Weighs 0.5 lb and fits in the palm of your hand


  • True Close Protections System safeguards against backup of milk into the tubing and pump
  • Automatically remembers the last settings
  • Compact, super lightweight and ultra-quiet
  • The rechargeable battery lasts 2 hours between charges 
  • Only weighs half a pound to easily fit in your purse

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