Hygeia Universal Personal Accessory Set

Hygeia Universal Personal Accessory Set

This accessory kit is a great solution for any Hygeia breast pump owner. Feel confident while pumping knowing you're fully prepared for a comfortable and successful pumping experience. The Hygeia Universal Personal Accessory Set fits the Hygeia EnJoye, EnDeare and manual pumps.

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The Hygeia Universal Personal Accessory Set includes everything mom needs to complete her Hygiea breast pump purchase. This kit is compatible with all Hygeia breast pumps. Use this as a backup set to ensure that you're ready to pump at any time, or use this set as a replacement kit when your parts are worn or damaged.

The storage lids ensure that your breast milk stays fresh and safe while in storage. Replacement tubing is important for the health and safety of mom and baby. An extra bottle is always helpful for busy moms who are frequently pumping. An extra set of breast shields ensures that you're ready to pump if your other accessories are being cleaned.

  • 100% BPA and DEHP Free
  • Fits all Hygeia breast pumps
  • 2 - 27mm, medium flanges
  • 2 - Sets of 40 inch tubing
  • 2 - Mother's Milk Storage Containers 4 oz.
  • 2 - Duckbill valves
  • 2 - Storage container caps/feeder cups
  • 2 - Rings
  • 2 - Narrow-neck container adapters
  • 2 - Ring covers
  • Container holder
  • Bacteriostatic filter
  • Hand pump

Additional Information

SKU 10-0137
Manufacturer Hygeia
Weight 10 pounds
Dimensions 8.2" x 7.1" x 5.1"

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