Evenflo Replacement Membranes and Valves (2 of Each)

Evenflo Replacement Membranes and Valves (2 of Each)

Missing or worn out membranes or valves will dramatically decrease your pump's suction. These extra membranes and valves are compatible with the Evenflo Advanced Double Electric, Single Electric, and Manual pumps.


  • 2 - Replacement Valves

  • 2 - Replacement Membranes

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Maintain strong pump suction with new membranes and valves. These replacement parts are key for a successful pumping session. Stronger suction helps moms express more milk faster and more comfortably. It is important to replace your valves and membranes after long periods of use or if they are damaged.

Evenflo Replacement Membranes and Valves include 2 silicone, BPA-free membranes and 2 BPA-free valves. The membranes are tinted silicone making it them easier to find during assembly and cleaning.

These membranes and valves work with all Evenflo breast pumps for your convenience.Help maintain optimal performance of your breast pump and keep a pack of replacement membranes and valves on hand so that you never have less than a perfect pumping experience!


  • Works with Evenflo Manual, Single Electric, and Advanced Double Electric pumps
  • Tinted membranes = easier to find
  • New membrances and valves improve pump suction when they replace old or worn parts
  • BPA Free

Additional Information

SKU 5141111
Manufacturer Evenflo
Weight 1 pound
Warranty 90 Days
Dimensions 5.75" x 4" x 7.50"