Pumping On The Go

For some the appeal of a breast pump is that they prevent the possibility of needing to breastfeed in public. But sometimes a busy post-maternity leave schedule keeps even the most organized mom from pumping in private.

Many Puritanical commentators suggest that pumping in public is indecent, crass, or rude, but attitudes of acceptance are on the rise. The first step to pumping in public is acknowledging that some people may not understand your childcare methods and will have something negative to say about it.  Remember that these attitudes are slowly changing, and that the nay-sayers are fleeting,  but the relationship with your child will continue for the rest of your life. If you need to pump in public, that is the only reason you need.

Many manufacturers who provide breast pumps also make versatile nursing cover-ups designed for modest public breastfeeding. These can be used over a pump when a restroom or other private spot is not available. Aeroflow Store will soon offer nursing cover-ups to pair with our current line of breast pumps. If you breastfeed as well as pump, these cover-ups are designed to cover your décolletage without covering your baby’s face.

Get Comfortable

Ultimately, the best way to make pumping in public better is making sure you are comfortable. Practicing at home and wearing comfortable clothing can improve the inevitable process of feeding your child. When you are aware of possible negative reactions, look for nursing cover-ups, and then physically prepare for your own comfort. Eventually, pumping at work or any other public space can become a part of your regular routine.