Our top 3 celebrity moms have earned our vote for their admirable actions, down to earth honesty and seemingly hands-on style of parenting.

Jennifer Garner makes our list of top 3 celebrity moms because of her girl next door approachability.  Jennifer who is mother to Violet, Seraphina and Samuel seems relatable as a mother and isn’t afraid to admit that motherhood has its challenges.  When speaking with Conan O’Brien Jennifer admitted ‘We wanted a third and we had a third, and I wouldn’t trade him for anything; but you know how two feels like six?  Three just put me right over the edge.’  We also love that the pictures most often seen of Jennifer and her children seem that they are just enjoying the small pleasures of life.  Whether it be at the park, farmer’s market or walking her children to schools Jennifer always seems to be enjoying those moments with her children.

Drew Barrymore makes our top 3 celebrity moms because of her free spirit and fun loving personality.  Barrymore said in a recent interview ‘I try to have a sense of humor about how… (much) you need to learn and tackle, and how to remain fun loving and not, like, uptight because there’s so much to care about and to learn about.’  Drew had a rough family life growing up and seems to take such pride in providing her 2 daughters with the stability she did not have as a youngster.

Kate Middleton finishes out our list of top 3 celebrity mom’s, why, because WE LOVE KATE!!!.  From her pregnancy style to proudly displaying her mummy tummy when she introduced Price George one day after giving birth to being a hands-on royal, Kate can do no wrong in our book.  Princess Kate is putting her own stamp on royal parenting styles and we love to see her approachable nature and how much she is enjoying motherhood.