Finding a comfortable place to pump isn't always easy – sometimes it even feels impossible. You're headed out and may wonder, Will there be a place for me to pump? Will I feel comfortable and safe? What if I have to try to find a bathroom to breastfeed my baby? Have no fear, mamas! Thanks to these great social networks for breastfeeding support, you can set your worries aside and find the backup you need with input from other moms – all from your smartphone.

Moms Pump Here

Need to find a safe place to nurse or pump? Look no further. Moms Pump Here promotes moms' right to nurse and pump in a location that is safe and comfortable by simply inserting a zip code into their search engine. The search populates businesses with places for moms to pump with a description of the room and its exact location in the building.

Nursing mom resources and a large mom community can also be found for even more support. For the best access to Moms Pump Here, download the Moms Pump Here Nursing Rooms Locator App, which houses over 5,000 lactation rooms for breastfeeding and pumping to support you in your breastfeeding journey.


One of our favorite apps by far for moms everywhere, Winnie is for the mom on-the-go. Whether you're looking for a place that's good for nursing or pumping, or even a place that has a changing table, Winnie is there for you. The Winnie app uses your location to show nearby restaurants, parks, and businesses that you can filter through to find a place that is safe and comfortable for you and your children.

Filters include phrases like "good for nursing", "stroller friendly", and more. Also included are pictures of the location, a description of the location, how far away the location is from you, and contact information.

Want more? Winnie also has a large community of moms looking for and giving advice about the best locations and products to explore with your little ones so you can be prepared to head out without fear or worry. Create an account for free and explore Winnie today to find the best place for you and your baby to go without worrying about where you'll feed or pump next!


Their mission? To find and share the best places to nurse, pump, and nourish on the go. Pumpspotting is the app for moms in need of encouragement and is a great way to connect with other hard-working mamas. Pumpspotting works as a community coming together to give you the best access to information on feeding, pumping, and taking care of yourself while breastfeeding. Use the app for your own mama feed to connect with other mamas and check out pumping spots. You can also filter locations for amenities in pumping rooms (like a sink), type of facility (search for an office or a coffee shop), and the rating the area has received.

If you're looking for a community of mamas to support your breastfeeding and pumping journey, look no further than Pumpspotting, where you'll find friendship, comfort, and plenty of breast love. :)

Aeroflow's pumping room for NC mamas

If you're in the Asheville, North Carolina area, you can find our Aeroflow Breastpumps pumping room on these lists! Our business is dedicated to supporting breastfeeding mamas and our super cozy pumping room is always open for you and your little one. Learn more about our dedication to moms by reading about our advocacy team, which aims to increase breastfeeding rates on both a local and national scale.

Don't hesitate to join a group any longer!

Are you ready to start downloading now to find the best places for you to succeed in your breastfeeding and pumping journey? These social networks and more are available for free to download on the Apple store and Google play. Be sure to take advantage of the resources there for you, helping you be the mama you want to be, and encouraging you during this crazy adventure called motherhood!


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