Since I have become a mom, I have learned that you really cannot have enough of anything on hand. Banana? Got it. Hand sanitizer? Got it. Screw driver? Got it…okay, so maybe I might have prepared more than necessary, but you get the point. For years I have carried just about everything but the kitchen sink on me for those “just in case” moments. You never know what you might need, right? From snacks to wipes to toys, my purse is a never-ending bag of junk.

Time for a trendier solution!

While my kiddo may appreciate having infinite amounts of treats on deck, I do not (and neither does my poor back!). Ladies, I am so sick of constantly carrying around a bulky bag of stuff! I run a ton of errands every day and lugging around a sack of items intended for pretty much everyone but me has really gotten old. Plus, most of the time, I only need my wallet, keys, and a few other things. That is why I made a change. A change to a lighter, trendier solution.

Big shout out to Sarah Wells! Her new hands-free MheartM bag is a total life saver. Named after her oldest daughter, Maddy, this bag is a must-have. With five adjustable strap configurations (shoulder, cross-body, stroller, waist and backpack), the bag is incredibly flexible and built for your everyday mom on the go. I personally love the cross-body position because it feels like I am not even carrying a bag. Talk about a break for my back!

Plenty of storage to keep you organized

The bag is super spacious, too — with six different compartments to keep all of my stuff organized. I have room for everything I need…my keys, wallet, chapstick and other random things. Plus, the MheartM bag is made of nylon so I don’t have to worry about my kid or myself dirtying it up; stains come right out. One of my favorite parts about the MheartM bag is that it is perfect for those times you don’t need to carry around your breast pump or other larger items.

The smaller, more compact bag allows me to chase after my toddler while still looking stylish. It comes in three chic patterns… all three of which I am guilty and proud of owning!

Get your MheartM bag today!

If you are expecting and putting together your registry, consider adding the Sarah Wells MheartM bag. Her breast pump bags are incredibly well-made, extremely durable and have room for more than just a breast pump. However, it comes down to what you need to tote around. Do you need a larger bag specifically for your pump, or a smaller bag for all of your must-have items? The MheartM bag is ideal for an everyday bag, no matter how much you need to stash inside. You can even use the bag to securely store your pump parts. Plus, it is hands-free…need I say more?

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