Wondering about lowering breast milk supply? 

While new mothers do not ask this question often, it can become extremely relevant for mothers who believe it is time to wean or are simply overflowing their freezer with too much milk. Other reasons include hyperlactation, which occurs when you are making more milk than the baby can take. This is usually the case with nursing mothers and not those who are exclusively pumpingFor mothers who are exclusively breastfeeding, hyperlactation can create problems because it can be hard for the baby to nurse if the milk is coming out too quickly and even possibly spraying the baby.

Tips to lower breast milk supply

If your breasts are starting to feel too engorged too often or you are developing mastitis and clogged ducts, you may need some tricks to lowering breast milk supply. We have some tips below to help you and your little one get comfortable again. Just remember that is not your fault and there are many ways to help combat this issue.

  1. Always make sure to talk to your doctor or lactation consultant first. They may be able to offer other helpful ideas or suggestions to lessen your milk supply.  If it becomes too problematic, your doctor may prescribe medications.
  2. Try to start pumping less milk. Your body will start to pick up that it needs to produce less milk. Instead of pumping for 30 minutes, pump for 20 minutes.
  3. Feeding time. You may want to try feeding your little one right when he wakes up or when he usually isn’t hungry.  Babies tend to nurse more lightly which means less stimulation on the breasts, which in turn means, less milk moving through.
  4. Exclusively pumping? Put it on a lower setting. This too will promote less stimulation and milk flow.
  5. Other remedies include taking Sudafed and drinking Sage tea. These two resolves are not recommended unless you are really ready to stop, as they are proven to decrease milk production a lot quicker than other ways.

Nursing is not an easy job for new mothers and it can come with stress but know you are doing the best for your new family.  Whether you choose to exclusively pump or just need a breast pump to help store extra milk, Aeroflow Breastpumps can help you get your breast pump shipped right to your front door at no cost to you and your family.

Consider a breast pump

We carry all major breast pump brands including Medela, Spectra, Ameda, Hygeia, Lansinoh, and Nuk. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, most insurance plans will cover a free double electric breast pump for lactating mothers.

Simply fill out our Qualify Through Insurance form on our website and leave the rest to us. A Breastpump Specialist will check your benefits for breastfeeding support and follow up with your coverage information in just a couple of short days. If you have additional questions about lowering breast milk supply or qualifying for a breast pump through insurance, give us a call today at 844-867-9890. We're here to help!

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